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Sara Jean Underwood is a significant model who has managed to maintain her impressive and fascinating appearance years after her initial rise to fame. In particular, her subsequent appearances in Playboy magazines have attracted significant interest from the public. As a Playboy star, Sara Jean Underwood needs to stay young and beautiful at all times. Therefore, it is pretty natural for rumors to arise about Sara Jean Underwood’s plastic surgery. This is a common occurrence among Playboy stars. For many Playboy stars, such as Sara Jean Underwood, beauty is a key asset in the entertainment world!

Who Is Sara Jean Underwood?

Sara Jean Underwood was born in the USA in 1984. Sara Jean is also a schoolmate of the star player of American football, Derek Anderson. Sara’s first job was to help market heavy machinery. She also worked at a branch of the Hooters restaurant chain. She started her first modelling in Playboy magazine in 2005. Sara also had a relationship with TV presenter Ryan Seacrest for several years. In 2013, she had a relationship with Roberto Martinez.

Sara Jean Underwood’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Famous model Sara Jean Underwood is renowned for her aesthetic appearance and perfect body. Consequently, many fans believe that numerous other favorite stars, including Sara Jean Underwood, have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their bodies and appearance. So, did Sara Jean Underwood really undergo plastic surgery procedures? If you are wondering, here is Sara Jean Underwood’s plastic surgery journey:


The most beautiful thing Sara Jean Underwood has ever owned is definitely her face. Therefore, Sara wanted to show her face much more attractive than in previous years. She achieved this goal through a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Sara first underwent rhinoplasty procedure, which altered the shape of her nose and improved her overall facial appearance.

Face and Buttock Aesthetics

Sara Jean Underwood underwent plastic surgery operations for the face area and the butt area. She has previously used Botox to remove wrinkles from the eyebrow and forehead areas. In addition, Sara preferred plastic surgery for the eye area, especially lip Botox and cheekbone aesthetics. She has a large fan base and is a rare actress who can clearly explain all her aesthetic procedures to her fans.

Breast Aesthetics

When Sara Jean Underwood first appeared in Playboy magazine, she was perceived by her fans as having small breasts. This was a significant disadvantage for her as an actress, as Playboy models are expected to have large breasts. Therefore, Sara Jean chose breast augmentation to enhance her appearance. However, she was not entirely satisfied with the results and underwent another operation to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing.

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