Procedure Overview

Surgery Duration

Depends on the number of implants.

Hospital Stay

Not required

Possible Side Effects

Pain, bleeding, bruising, infection, oedema, swelling

Recovery Time

In 2-3 weeks for side effects (total recovery lasts 2-3 months)


Local Anesthesia

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Reviewed and Approved by M.D. Alper TEMİZ


It is a dream to achieve the perfect smile with attractive teeth; as the aesthetic condition of our teeth pays a very big role in an attractive smile, today it is very easy to smile like a Hollywood star. Thanks to the Hollywood Smile Turkey or in other words Smile Makeover Turkey treatments, you can have your dream smile smoothly with professional hands.


Treatments of Hollywood Smile in Turkey should be thoroughly personalized.

Turkey smile makeover procedures can include different types of dental design Turkey procedures such as veneers, crowns, gingivectomy, dental implants or teeth whitening.

The key for a successful Hollywood Smile Turkey treatment is a custom-made treatment plan created by a talented Hollywood Smile dentist Turkey. Before the dental design Turkey procedure, the current condition of the patients is examined, the expectations from Turkey smile makeover treatment are discussed and an ideal Smile Makeover Turkey treatment plan is designed.

The aim of Hollywood Smile in Turkey procedure is to achieve the perfect shape of the teeth by using various treatments for the mouth thoroughly. Turkey smile makeover treatment is an extensive procedure that achieves both healthy and perfect aesthetic Hollywood Smile.


For the most desired results it is very important to find the best Hollywood Smile dental clinic; Clinic Mono uses the cutting-edge technology, highest quality facilities and highest quality materials for Hollywood Smile dental procedures.

As a successful Hollywood smile clinic Turkey should have an expert and experienced team, Clinic Mono forms the dental team from the highly recognized and successful Hollywood Smile dentist Turkey.

All procedures of your Turkey smile makeover treatment are performed in the well-equipped and hygienic environment of our smile clinic Turkey. Clinic Mono’s consultants will assist you throughout your smile dental Turkey procedure.


Finding the best Hollywood smile dentist Turkey for the perfect and attractive smile is essential. Clinic Mono’s Hollywood smile teeth treatments are performed by the highly qualified and experienced dentists.

The whole team of Hollywood smile dentist Turkey at Clinic Mono are internationally recognized for their success and achieving the dream smiles with personalized Hollywood smile teeth treatments.


Hollywood Smile Turkey price can be accurately discussed after a detailed Turkey smile makeover treatment plan that covers the necessary dental procedures for the individual needs of the patients. After a detailed Smile Makeover Turkey treatment plan is created Hollywood smile Turkey price can be discussed.

Getting teeth done in Turkey is much cheaper compared to other countries; Clinic Mono offers international patients a very inclusive package of Hollywood smile price. To find out the details of your treatment plan and how much it costs to getting teeth done in Turkey, please contact us.


Smile Makeover Turkey at Clinic Mono achieves the best results and offer patients a treatment to have the perfect smile and restore self-confidence. Our patients who always smile and feel like a Hollywood star after Hollywood Smile Turkey procedures, leave us with the best Hollywood Star Smile reviews.


Hollywood Smile in Turkey is completely painless; Hollywood smile dentist Turkey use local anesthesia and appropriate anesthetics depending on the details of your treatment plan and offers patients a very smooth and comfortable dental design Turkey process.

Smile Makeover Turkey treatments are designed specially for the individuals; to achieve the personalized perfect smile Turkey, please have an online Hollywood smile consultation with our consultants and find out which dental design Turkey procedures should be included to your treatment plan.




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