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Hair loss is a big problem for both women and men on a wide scale of age. Hair transplants are now the rising most popular and effective treatment option thanks to the today’s advancements in medical methods and technology. While there are many different ways for hair restoration, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is on the top place with the best results and process.

Many different aspects such as genetic factors, hormonal disorders, age, stress, mental factors, Androgenetic Alopecia can cause hair loss condition. Since long ago, people have kept trying for different remedies for hair loss which only work for strengthening the existing hair for the duration they are applied. FUE Hair Transplant Turkey is the most effective remedy for hair loss with the most permanent outcomes.


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Hair Transplant is a medical operation that should be performed with developed technologies, and delicacy. Being performed worldwide, FUE transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced and successful technique of hair transplant for many years now due to the fact that it allows the hair transplant doctor to use the latest technologies of the day and gives natural results both when taking the hair out and when transplanting the hair. There are several more techniques that are derived from FUE transplant; specialists of Clinic Mono will lead you to the best option through your online and face-to-face FUE hair transplant Turkey consultation along with the details about FUE transplant cost.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Technique has 3 basic steps;

Harvesting hair follicles from donor area: Follicles are collected carefully from the donor area. Donor areas are mostly at the back of the head, the nape and above the ears due to their resistant structure to hair loss.

Canal opening in the recipient area: Recipient area is prepared by opening canals with very thin devices to the direction and angle of the existing hair. No bistouries are used, no stitches are put and no scars are left.

Transplantation: Hair follicles are placed in the canals and transplanted area is covered by a medical dressing.

The proper number of grafts carries a big importance in all hair transplant techniques for good results and sometimes for the FUE cost. However, FUE hair transplant cost is not arranged in accordance with the necessary number of follicles at Clinic Mono; our experienced hair transplant specialists will provide you with the maximum number of grafts with a fixed FUE transplant cost. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you will be awake and yet you will not feel any pain.

Recovery of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Transplant technique leaves no scar and does not require stitches. The follicles in the donor site will not be damaged during the process. Recovery time is very short; patients can go back to the daily routine a day after the procedure. Most of our patients feel good enough and enjoy discovering the city after their FUE hair transplant Turkey treatment. The small dot shaped wounds will completely disappear in 7-10 days.

During recovery of FUE transplant, some patients encounter a condition called “shock loss”; the transplanted hair may shed in 2-3 months after the operation and this is pretty common. Shock loss is not experienced by all the patients however when it occurs, patients can be sure that it is a natural part of the process and the fallen hair will grow back again.


Clinic Mono takes patient’s health and comfort as a priority. Thanks to a personalized treatment plan made for you by our hair transplant specialists, you will reach an indistinguishably natural look as a result. The survival rate of the transplanted grafts that our hair transplant specialists perform is %90 up to %100. FUE technique is suitable for both men and women have hair loss problem.

FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive medical procedure and it needs to be performed in a suitable medical environment which enable the hair doctor to operate a more comfortable and successful process with all required medical equipment and hygiene. Clinic Mono offers patients medical processes that are performed with cutting-edge technology and top-quality facilities for their FUE hair transplant treatment.


When they are searching for the best hair transplant doctor, patients should be careful with the expertise level and experience as finding the right hair transplant doctor is very essential for having successful and natural-looking FUE results. Best FUE hair transplant doctors of Clinic Mono will expertly achieve best FUE hair transplant results thanks to their long years of experience.

Additionally, it is quite important to schedule a medical consultation with the hair transplant doctor to discuss about your questions, expectations from FUE hair transplant, and to decide if FUE technique is the right method for your specific needs. The skilled and experienced hair transplant doctors at Clinic Mono will help you in a detailed medical assessment and create an individualized FUE hair transplant treatment plan for your case.


The cost of FUE hair transplant procedure is affected by various factors, for example the level and type of hair loss, the number of grafts that is needed for the right treatment plan, the hair transplant surgeon’s expertise, and the location of the FUE hair transplant treatment; Turkey is one of the top countries that patients can opt for the most affordable FUE hair transplant cost with the most desired and permanent FUE hair transplant results.

FUE hair transplant Turkey medical procedures are very commonly opted by hair loss patients because of the countless advantages it has for international patients; one of them is the quite affordable FUE transplant cost with top-quality, facilities, medical services and treatments. To meet the high demand from international patients and to preserve the top place on the list of the hair transplants around the world, Turkey practitioners never fall behind the latest techniques and technologies; FUE hair transplant Turkey treatments are very successful on adopting the newest revolutions and the improvements to the procedure to keep up to date and achieve the most desired and successful FUE hair transplant results.

The biggest motivation of patients who choose FUE hair transplant Turkey is usually the opportunity to have the latest technique of hair transplant with the cheapest FUE transplant cost. But the cheapest rates are not the only upsides of the FUE hair transplant Turkey treatments. The procedure allows international patients to experience a holiday like journey; this is achieved by the inclusive package concept that many hair transplant clinics offer to its international patients to provide a much more convenient and enjoyable medical experience.



To find the right hair transplant doctor and assess the quality of a hair transplant treatment and the clinic, one of the best ways is to examine patient reviews. To learn about other patients’ hair transplant experiences can give you useful opinions about the overall patient satisfaction and the treatment success; international patients of Clinic Mono leave the best FUE hair transplant reviews after their smooth, enjoyable and life-changing treatment experience that feels like a holiday.


FUE procedure is performed by using local anesthesia thus patients do not feel any discomfort during the process. It is completely normal to experience mild soreness after the procedure for some patients, but this can be minimized with suitable medication that is prescribed by the hair transplant doctor.




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