Procedure Overview


Rejuvenating the face, repairing the face skin and tightening the under tissues and muscles.

Surgery Duration

2-3 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


General Anesthesia

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Reviewed and Approved by M.D. Eren Ersöz


Skin care is a broad term for the non-surgical outpatient procedures that are applied for healthier and younger skin by treating the skin problems, improving the elasticity of the skin and nourishing. Skin care cover various procedures that may involve peeling, moistening, nourishing, cleansing, pore care, acne care, wrinkle care, care for skin spots and blemishing any many other procedures that are applied for a healthier skin.


Certain factors like UV lights, aging, hormonal changes, pollution, nutrition pattern and many other can cause skin problems and may result skin to lose its youthful, smooth and elastic appearance.

With the proper care and the right skin treatments, skin can restore its attractive state. Before skincare treatment for a better skin, it is important to analyze the type of the skin and the target skin problem that needs to be treated. After a throughout analysis done by the skin care doctor, skin care can be applied by using the right methods and effective products. Skin care treatments usually do not take more than an hour; the duration may vary depending on the details of the procedure.

After skincare treatment, patients should be careful with proper aftercare instructions to strengthen the treatments effects of their beautiful skin; skin should be protected from the sunlight with suitable sun block cream that are effective for skin protection from UV.


Clinic Mono’s mediated skin care begins with a detailed assessment of the patient’s skin; after the assessment, skin care treatment is applied using the highest quality products and proven techniques. All products used in skin care treatments by the doctors with whom Clinic Mono collaborates are internationally recognised for their safety and effectiveness in terms of skin health.

Skin care treatments are carried out in hospitable establishments with which Clinic Mono collaborates. During the procedure, the medical team with whom Mono collaborates will be at your side to make you feel at home.


The best skin care doctor should make a detailed and accurate analysis of the skin, find the most ideal skin treatment and perform the skin care treatment by using the latest techniques and high-quality products. The skin care doctors with whom Clinic Mono collaborates are specialists and carry out the entire skin treatment process with care.

All skin care doctors that Clinic Mono cooperates with are known for achieving the best and long-lasting skin treatment results with the right applications.


Being the easiest and most comfortable way to achieve a healthy skin, skin care treatments are all around the world today; finding the best quality treatment option for skin health with the cheapest price can be a difficult process.

Clinic Mono has become the number one treatment provider in Turkey with the best service and lowest skin care prices for all cosmetics offered. Skin care prices should be discussed after a skin analysis. Skincare treatments through Clinic Mono are designed to provide the highest quality treatments with the best quality products and the most advantageous prices for a hassle-free medical experience. Contact Clinic Mono to initiate your skin care experience with an online consultation.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Skin Care Cost £75 - £100 £150 - £250 €200 - €300 $350 - $450



When considering such a procedure in a foreign country like Turkey, it is very important to choose a reputable institution with a health tourism authorisation certificate and to choose doctors. Patients who had their treatment through Clinic Mono had a healthier, youthful and attractive skin and recommend Mono for everybody who is ready to get a better skin. Clinic Mono, as a tourism agency, is very happy for the best reviews of skin care patients and to be a growing family with the satisfied patients.


Skin care treatments are suitable for most skin types. Clinic Mono’s collaborated doctors will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatment for you. During the skin analysis, patients should mention any medical conditions, allergies or sensitivities.

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