Procedure Overview


Repairing the deformed upper and lower eyelids to reduce the aging effects.

Surgery Duration

1-1.5 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


General Anesthesia

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A secret to an attractive glance is fox, upward direction of the eyes; fox eye look has been a trend for a long time now making the facial expressions and glances more defined and highlighted by the upward and elevated form of the eye and eyebrow area. Foxeye thread lift also known as cat eye thread lift, is a suitable procedure for those who would like to enhance the low position of their heavy eyebrows and achieve an intense “fox” look.


To achieve the lifted form of eyes and eyebrows with fox eye lift procedure the first step should be a detailed consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

While it’s possible to get the desired upward look of the eye and eyebrows by only non-surgical fox eyebrow lift procedure, it’s also possible to achieve the desired look by combining multiple cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty and botox. Your plastic surgeon will assess your individual condition and create a suitable treatment plan according to your expectations for the results.

Foxeye thread lift is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which takes only 20-30 minutes and performed under local anesthesia. During fox eyebrow lift procedure, the outer corners of the eyebrows are lifted by using dissolvable threads inserted through suitable incisions. Fox eye thread lift gives immediate results. Bruising and swelling can be observed after the procedure; however, they disappear quickly.

Fox Eye Lift Quick Look

Overview of key aspects related to Fox Eye Lift
ProcedureInvolves lifting and tightening the skin and muscles around the eyes to achieve an aesthetic look.Minimal incisions are made in the scalp, and then the ligaments at the outer edges of the eyes are pulled up through these incisions and are fixed on the bones in the incision sites.
Durationabout 30 to 60 minutes.
StayOne night at the hospital, followed by six nights at a hotel.
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia
Recovery2- 4 days
What to BringLoose-fitting clothes such as sweatshirts or tops with front openings.
Side EffectsSwelling,Bruising
ComplicationsAsymmetry,Skin laxity,Numbness, infection, hemorrhage, and adverse responses to anesthesia
ExerciseAvoid heavy lifting.
Typically absent.
Scarsminimal incisions and sutures hidden in the scalp.
PainUsually mild but subjective to the individual.
ResultsIt may take 1 or 2 months for your edema to subside. You will see your result after the edema passes. The skin around the eyes will look smoother, tighter, and more youthful.


Clinic Mono’s professional medical team from its contracted healthcare organisations is dedicated to providing international patients with a smooth and successful eye thread lift procedure in Turkey. As a leading mediator for cosmetic procedures known worldwide, Clinic Mono’s contracted institutions use the highest quality medical devices, conduct medical processes in top quality facilities, and provide their patients with all the service they can for a comfortable and hospitable environment throughout their eye thread lift procedure. Clinic Mono’s contracted experienced medical consultants are excited to meet you and start your eyebrow thread lift procedure with an online consultation.


Fox eye thread lift is a very painless and effective procedure that should be performed by an expert and experienced plastic surgeon for the most desired results and a smooth recovery process. Being a treatment that should be performed delicately, eyebrow thread lift treatments are to be performed by the best fox eye thread lift doctors in Turkey. Clinic Mono’s contracted cosmetic surgeons achieve the most desired fox eye thread lift or in other words cat eye thread lift results by the best medical methods and years of experience.


For those looking for the cheapest fox eye thread lift cost, Turkey is the best destination providing both a successful cosmetic procedure and a nice holiday at the same time.

As the fox eye thread lift treatment plan may vary according to patients’ own specific condition, international patients are advised to have online consultation with Clinic Mono in order to find out the most affordable fox eyes lift cost after they have their treatment plan with our medical team.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Fox Eye Lift Cost £3,150 - £3,500 £9,000 - £14,000 €10,500 - €16,500 $12,000 - $15,000



While the results of fox eye procedure speak for themselves, we are very glad to get the best words of out fox eye thread lift patients after they achieve their dream fox look with the smooth and comfortable medical process through Clinic Mono. All fox eye thread lift patients become a part of our huge international family and recommend Clinic Mono to everyone.


Fox eye thread lift results are not permanent; the results of the fox eye procedure last around 6-12 months.

Yes. When it is found suitable by the doctor, the fox eye thread lift is can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.




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