Procedure Overview


Botox injection to stomach to achieve prolonged feeling of satiety

Surgery Duration

15 – 20 min

Hospital Stay

no hospital stay

Recovery Time

Right after the procedure


Local Anesthesia

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Gastric botox is a non-surgical endoscopic weight loss treatment that uses Botulinum Botox to achieve a prolonged feeling of fullness and to support weight loss. Gastric Botox is performed with an injection to safely increase satiety and thus decrease food consumption and weight gain.

Obesity is a significant problem for a large proportion of the population, reducing quality of life, limiting physical abilities, and causing various medical conditions. Injection for weight loss is an advanced and smooth technique that gives excellent results.


The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, patients do not feel any pain or discomfort.

During the procedure, Botulinum Botox is injected into specific parts of the stomach wall using endoscopic techniques to reduce muscle activity and achieve prolonged satiety. The procedure takes around 15–20 minutes. It does not require a hospital stay, and patients can return to their daily routines very quickly after the procedure.

Recovery After Gastric Botox Procedures

The weight loss injection in the stomach procedure does not require any cutting, incisions, or stitches. Therefore, the recovery process of the injection to lose weight is very comfortable and easy. Patients can return to their daily routine in a short time. It is recommended to avoid smoking and alcohol for the first week after the injection for weight loss.

The most important point about weight loss injection recovery is the nutrition plan that patients need to follow after having the injection for weight loss. Weight loss injections need to be supported by a proper diet and exercise plan to achieve the best results. The effect of Botox is temporary and gradually decreases and disappears within 6 months; however, it can be repeated after 6 months if the patient needs further support for weight loss to achieve the target weight. Patients should remember that their effort is very important with this treatment.

Gastric Botox Quick Look

Overview of key aspects related to Gastric Botox
ProcedureBotox injection to stomach for achieving the prolonged feeling of satiety
Duration15 - 30 Min.
Stay1.5 - 2 hours hospital stay
What to BringLoose-fitting clothes
Side Effects(very rare) nausea, vomiting
DietLiquid diet period, followed by a personalized diet program
ExerciseDaily life in a few hours
PainUsually mild but subjective to the individual.


If you are interested in non-surgical weight loss injections with the most advantageous and smooth treatment option around the world and the lowest prices, please get an online consultation from the contracted Mono medical consultants. Clinic Mono provides online consultations for those who want to get further information about gastric botox procedures. During these online sessions, a complete treatment plan is created for the specific medical state of the patients, and patients can ask anything about the non-surgical weight loss injection procedure, costs, pros and cons before and after gastric botox surgery.

The Clinic Mono team meticulously plans every part of your weight loss injections in your stomach journey by bringing international patients together with the best doctors and the best health institutions. You will be provided with high-quality services, facilities, and constant assistance from the beginning to the end.

The bariatric surgeon contracted by Clinic Mono will answer all your questions about the details before and after the injections for weight loss. After the non-surgical weight loss injections, patients do not need to stay in the hospital. They are discharged on the same day of the injections to lose weight procedure, and they can comfortably go on with their daily routine. Patients feel very good and do not suffer from any major weight loss injection side effects following injections for weight loss through Mono. Actually, many of them enjoy walking around the city and going shopping during the rest of their time in Turkey.


Gastric Botox injection procedure starts with a detailed consultation. During this process, understanding and evaluating the needs and expectations of patients are very important. Current medical conditions, prior diseases and operations, and the BMI value are examined closely for the safest and most successful weight loss injection procedures. The best weight loss injection doctor collaborated with by Clinic Mono for its patients will provide you with the best results and a very comfortable procedure, thanks to their high level of expertise and experience.


Injections for weight loss treatments are very popular in Turkey for international patients looking for quality and effective operations performed by highly qualified and experienced surgeons, with exclusive facilities and services and very affordable costs. The gastric injection weight loss cost may vary depending on the included services and the individualized treatment plan; however, in every condition, Turkey offers much more affordable stomach botox prices than many countries in Europe, the UK, and the USA. Please contact us in order to find out the cost of gastric injection weight loss through Clinic Mono.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Gastric Botox £1175 - £1450 £4,500 - £6,000 €6,000 - €7,000 $6,000 - $7,000



Patients who choose Clinic Mono as a mediator and achieve their ideal weight and desired appearance through weight loss injections via our associated specialists express with satisfaction that they regain their confidence, become more physically active, and feel more comfortable in their social lives. As a medical tourism agency, Clinic Mono is very happy to receive the best weight loss injection reviews from international patients who get their weight loss injections in Turkey with treatment just like a holiday.

It was smooth every step of the way

It was smooth every step of the way. From airport pick up to my procedure and evaluation. Furkan was extremely patient and helpful with answering my questions (and I had tons of them). Customer service was superb, my procedure (gastric Botox) was painless with zero discomfort afterwards. I went about my day right after.

Bukola Owoyomi

I recommend it to everyone

Mono clinic is very Good and i would recommend it to everyone. My Contact Person Nazim who helped us with everything from beginning to the End was a very polite and competent Person who you could rely on. It was a Good decision.

Fozia Rana

Everything was perfect

I had dental implants and a gastric Botox done at mono clinic. The experience was amazing, from the pick up at the airport, to the hotel, to the clinic and all my appointments. Everything was perfect. Big thanx to my PC – Beste. She made sure all went well and that i was happy. I got value for the money i spent. Thank you mono clinic.


My deepest appreciation and a big thank you

My experience at Mono Clinic and their new hotel Mono Life hotel has been outstanding. The staff were all very helpful and lovely. Special mentions to:-

Dr Süleyman Çağlar Ertekin (who said I can call him Charlie) was the surgeon did my gastric Botox injections on my first day at Mono clinic. His knowledge and bedside manner put my mind at ease when having this treatment. Thanks to him I have now lost roughly 8 pounds in two and a half weeks. He has my deepest appreciation and a big thank you.

Then on my next day I had the breast reduction and uplift and extended tummy tuck liposuction done by Dr Ergin Erdoğan and his team. They worked entirely hard on my body. I thank them with all my heart; you took away all of my back, neck and chest pains and I now feel light as ever and, in a very good way, strange. When I first met you I will never forget those first words you said “hello, I will make them as small as possible!”. My fear and anxiety disappeared. Your bedside manner was excellent and I really appreciate your professionalism all the way through the surgery from beginning to end. I am vey happy, more than you know. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

Nezir, our personal assistant; a special thank you, you have been by my side from beginning to end. Your professionalism is 100% and more. You are a very kind and thoughtful young man – don’t change, that is a good quality to have. Also, a fantastic translator, you helped me when I needed it most. Keep growing in your work, you are truly amazing Nezir. Also, a big thank you from my husband for sorting out our onward coach trip from Izmir to Bodrum.

Thanks to the aftercare team Busem and Neşe for your very friendly and helpful support – you guys are truly amazing; I couldn’t have asked for better aftercare. Thank you for the tips and tricks on my support garments, I really appreciated you finding the time to have our little chats which I thoroughly enjoyed and miss.

Thank you to Mono Life hotel staff Yildiz and Bahar for being so patient and professional with us. You made us feel welcome in the new hotel. Also a thank you to the hotel manager (sorry I didn’t get your name) who went out of his way to get my home diffuser collection.

To Emir, thank you for all of your help with the paperwork and translations – you are a pro. Also a very special thank you for the anniversary cake which you and your team shared with us, that was a kind gesture so thank you all.

Aybige (#1), thank you for corresponding with me over the many weeks leading up to my visit and for reassuring me that everything was as it should be; you are a lovely lady. A few days ago I had a lovely surprise visit, as promised. We had lots to talk about and I didn’t want you to go. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits – I hope to see you again.

Büşra (#2); a big thankyou for all the information that you provided. I.e. the support with what to wear for comfort after surgery. Thank you for arranging our transport from the airport. Thoughtful and truly amazing. I didn’t get a chance to actually meet you but maybe another time?

Thanks to the kitchen staff at Mono Life hotel. Thank you to all involved with the beautiful food that you served us every morning. Thank you to Hussein who went out of his way to help us, we wish you all good things – oh, and keep up with your studying.

To the taxi drivers, thank you for driving us back and forth so smoothly.

To all the cleaners both in Mono Life hotel and the clinic, thank you for a lovely clean environment – I cannot fault the hygiene and cleanliness.

Jaquie Huxley


Patients who are overweight, cannot lose weight through diet or exercise, need supportive treatment to help them lose weight, are not comfortable with surgical treatments, and do not have any obstructive medical conditions are suitable candidates for weight loss injections.

No, it can not. Patients who are over 40 BMI value are not suitable candidates for gastric botox surgery. The ideal group of patients for weight loss injections is usually those between 27-35 BMI value.

Average weight loss with gastric botox injection is around 10-20 kg; however, with powerful and steady nutrition and exercise plans, patients can lose weight up to 30 kg.

Injection to lose weight effect lasts for 6 months. With a suitable diet and exercise plan, this duration is enough to achieve good results; however, if further effect is desired, the treatment can be repeated.

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