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What is FUT Hair Transplant

Although the newest technique in Hair Transplant is the FUE technique, the FUT technique, which is an older method than FUE, is still in common use for patients who experience hair loss.

The FUT technique is referred to as the “strip method” as well. In this method, the hair transplant specialist cuts a strip from the back and side of the scalp and extracts the hair follicles there. The back and sides are the most suitable areas for getting hair grafts because the follicles in these areas are usually stronger and more resistant. The size of the strip is decided depending on the number of grafts needed for the hair loss area; usually, it is not wider than 1-1.5 centimetres. Once the grafts are harvested from the strip, they are inserted into the hair loss area through small incisions. In the FUT Hair Transplant technique, the damage hair follicles may get during the procedure is minimized. It is not necessary to shave the donor area completely for the FUT procedure. The FUT Hair Transplant technique is suitable for large areas of hair loss.

One of the differences between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Techniques is that FUT leaves a linear scar while FUE leaves no scar in the donor area; that scar fades away with time but does not completely disappear. Usually, the scar stays under your hair, but it can be seen if you cut your hair short.

In FUT Hair Transplant Technique, the transplanted grafts settle in approximately in 7 days. The recovery time is around 10-15 days. The transplanted hair will keep growing for 2-3 weeks, and after that, it will start to fall out, which is completely normal. The transplanted grafts will start growing again after some weeks and reach their last form in 10-12 months.

Our experienced medical consultants are looking forward to giving you more information about the FUT Hair Transplant technique and helping you to find out the best suitable option for your Hair Transplant in Turkey.

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