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What is Moustache Transplant?

His facial hair is a big part of men-style; facial hair in men is considered as an aspect supporting masculinity and physical maturity. It is a common problem for males to be unable to grow a moustache or have an uneven and sparse moustache. These problems can be caused by many factors, such as genetics, medication, stress, burns or vitamin deficiency. In Mono Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic, we provide our patients who would like to have a bushy moustache with Moustache Transplant treatment.

Since the transplantation area is the patient’s face, Moustache Transplant needs to be done very meticulously. Moustache Transplant is very similar to Beard Transplant and Hair Transplant in terms of how it is performed. The follicles are harvested from the most suitable donor area one by one and transplanted to the Moustache area through micro channels opened with very sharp-ended devices.

  • The Moustache Transplant operation is a painless and comfortable process because it will be performed under local anaesthesia in a hygienic and well-equipped hospital environment.
  • The procedure itself is very short when compared to Hair Transplant since the size of the transplant area is much smaller. It lasts around 2-3 hours in total.
  • The number of required grafts will be decided on your consultation made with our medical consultants, and a personalized moustache design will be prepared for you.
  • Patients can experience itching, tenderness and swelling in the donor area after the operation; however, these are all temporary side effects and will disappear in a week. Moustache Transplant leaves no scar.
  • The recovery time is around 10-15 days; the scabs will heal after that period.

To get the best natural results, Mono Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic offers you a very well-planned journey for your Moustache Transplant treatment. Our medical consultants are looking forward to replying to your inquiries and getting you a personalized treatment plan.

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