Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

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One of the most recent techniques developed for Hair Transplant is DHI Method. DHI, meaning Direct Hair Implantation, is a technique which allows the hair transplant specialist to transplant the grafts directly to the recipient areas without opening micro-channels. The extraction process and implantation process are combined.


The difference between DHI transplants from other traditional techniques is that DHI involves the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles in a single step, eliminating the need for incisions or recipient site creation beforehand.

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What Is DHI Hair Transplant?

What makes the DHI Technique so special is Choi Implanter Pen. Choi Implanter Pen is a device which can make direct implantation possible. The harvested grafts are exposed to an outside environment for a very short time in DHI Technique with Choi Pen; they are directly implanted in the recipient area as soon as they are taken out from the donor area, and the hair transplants specialist inserts the grafts by pressing down in an accurate angle.

DHI Technique reduces the time for the grafts to remain outside of the body. This way, the possibility of any harm to harvested grafts decreases on a large scale. The survival rate of the transplanted grafts is much higher.

Since there will be no channel opening in the recipient area, side effects such as bleeding, scarring and swelling are minimized.

DHI Hair Transplant Recovery

The recovery process of Direct Hair Implantation is very fast in both the donor and recipient areas. Patients can get back to their daily life right after the procedure is done.

The donor area needs to be shaved, but there is no need to shave the recipient area; the DHI technique is very suitable for those who want to keep their hair long.

More natural and denser results can be obtained by using DHI Transplant because the grafts that are transplanted can be closer.


Privileged DHI hair transplant patients of Clinic Mono do not only achieve the best hair transplant results thanks to the cutting-edge methods but they also have an unforgettable holiday of DHI hair transplant in Turkey; for a smooth, comfortable and holiday-like DHI hair transplant in Turkey, Mono assistants will help you in every part of your treatment process.


When choosing the best doctors for DHI hair transplants for achieving the best results it is important to search for the most experienced and qualified doctors. For international patients who would like to have their treatments with doctors who are real experts in hair restoration and have years of experience for DHI procedures, Clinic Mono is the number one choice. The best DHI hair transplant doctors of Clinic Mono perform the treatment process by employing the latest hair transplant technology with the top-quality medical facilities.


DHI technique usually costs slightly more than other hair restoration techniques because this treatment technique requires closer attention and advanced medical tools.

The cost of DHI technique is the cheapest in Turkey. The cost of DHI hair transplant can change related to certain factors like the extent of hair loss, the number of hair grafts suitable for the treatment plan, the clinic’s location, and the expertise of the DHI hair transplant doctors. To have a more advantageous and well-planned medical experience in Turkey, Clinic Mono patients benefit from all-inclusive package cost of DHI hair transplant. When considering the cost factor for the treatment, it is extremely significant to consider the quality and experience of the doctors and the clinic. For the highest quality DHI hair transplant Turkey treatments with the most affordable cost contact Clinic Mono and start your DHI hair transplant journey with an online consultation.


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In order to get realistic opinions about the quality of DHI hair transplants and the expertise of doctors and clinics, reviews from patients are the best way. After learning about our patients’ DHI hair transplant in Turkey experiences at Clinic Mono, you can gladly make the right decision for your DHI hair transplant Turkey treatment and have a holiday-like medical experience while having the most successful DHI results. We are very happy to be the growing Mono family with our patients all around the world.


The DHI technique is performed by using local anesthesia so that patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. It is fully normal and expected to feel a little soreness after the operation for some patients, but it disappears within a short time with the help of prescribed medication.

DHI transplant recovery period normally lasts shorter than other hair transplant methods. Patients can easily go on with their normal activities in only a few days to a week. Full recovery may take a few weeks.




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