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Bichectomy is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to give face a more defined and contoured shape by reducing the extra fat on the buccal area; being one of the many different medical procedures to achieve the defined and more attractive facial form, buccal fat removal Turkey operation offers permanent and highly effective results with a smooth and easy treatment.


Bichectomy procedure is very short and painless; the whole procedure takes around 30-45 minutes.

During bichectomy, the suitable amount of fat tissue on the buccal area is carefully removed through the incisions made inside of the mouth in a way to give higher contour on the mid-facial area. Bichectomy incisions are inside of the mouth which provides patients scarless and smooth bichectomy results. After the procedure, the face achieves a slimmer form, cheekbones become highlighted and patients achieve harmonized and attractive shape of their face.

Bichectomy Recovery

Eating solid food should be avoided during first days after bichectomy operation for the smooth healing process of the incisions inside of the mouth. The hygiene of the operation area should be carefully preserved as instructed by the surgeon. Patients can get back to their daily routines within a day. Full recovery of bichectomy is achieved within 2-3 weeks.


Bichectomy at Clinic Mono provides international patients a very good opportunity to achieve defined and attractive form of the middle-facial area while also offering a very advantageous and high-quality medical experience. Comfortable and professional medical environment of Clinic Mono is ideal for international patients who would like to have their treatment well-planned with the top-quality medical facilities and highly talented medical team.

A buccal fat removal Turkey medical experience at Clinic Mono starts with an online consultation that covers the plan of the bichectomy treatment, bichectomy price details and the assessment of the individual condition of the patients. Mono patients are assisted 24/7 by dedicated Mono team and experience a comfortable and high-quality bichectomy treatment process.


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All bichectomy surgeons of Clinic Mono are selected from the best cosmetic surgeons in Turkey for their high level of medical knowledge, experience and expertise. The best bichectomy surgeons of Clinic Mono will examine your individual condition, listen to your expectations and come up with the best bichectomy treatment plan for the most successful bichectomy results.


Bichectomy surgery cost is offered in very advantageous rates in Turkey; however, it is very important to find the highest quality treatment option while searching for the bichectomy price.

Clinic Mono designs very advantageous bichectomy prices with packages that cover all the details for your medical trip to Turkey. This way, international patients can get the top quality bichectomy results while they are also having a nice holiday in Turkey with the most affordable bichectomy prices.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US

Bichectomy Cost

£2,250- £2,500

£5,000 - £6,000

€6,000 - €7,000

$8,000 - $10,000



As there are many treatment options for buccal fat removal Turkey, it is significant to find the best and most suitable one; Clinic Mono is very proud and happy to perform the most successful bichectomy treatments, design the exclusive treatment plans and offer an unforgettable medical experience for the international patients. Our bichectomy patients leave the best buccal fat removal Turkey reviews after their medical procedure with Clinic Mono and become a part of Mono family.


No, the bichectomy incisions are inside of the mouth which means the operation does not leave any visible scar on the face.

Yes, the buccal fat removal procedure gives permanent results.




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