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What is an Afro Hair Transplant?

An Afro hair transplant involves transferring follicular units from a healthy donor area at the back of the head to the affected area. The procedure of Afro hair transplantation is not different from the other techniques, also called Afro-American Hair Transplant. Afro-hair transplants in Turkey are often the most complex of all hair transplant procedures. This is because of the natural curl of the hair follicle. It is very difficult to remove hair follicles in both FUT and especially FUE techniques in people with curly hair. Afro hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular.

Afro Hair Transplant

Afro Hair Transplant is a type of Hair Transplant that allows patients of different ethnicities to take advantage of Hair Transplant Treatment. Each person around the world has a different type of hair structure and, therefore, different needs if they experience hair loss. When these differences are recognized and identified by the hair specialist, the hair transplant treatment for patients of different ethnicities leads to very successful results.

The procedure for an Afro Hair Transplant is not different from the other techniques. During this treatment, Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area using a punch, and they are implanted into the targeted area where the hair loss is evident.

People with Afro hair usually tend to suffer from a type of hair loss called “Traction Alopecia.” Braiding hair and chemical products designed for Afro hair can lead to hair loss in people with Afro-hair. Afro hair tends to be easily damaged due to the structure of the follicles.

The most important aspect of an Afro Hair Transplant is the consultation and planning process for the treatment. Afro hair has a unique structure of thicker follicles and an intensely curly shape. It requires a different approach to hair care, including combing or hair products. The curl of the follicle is present in both the external appearance and the internal tissues. Therefore, the harvested grafts will be curly as well. Afro hair takes up more space in the scalp due to its unique structure. The plantation process of Afro hair is different from straight hair in terms of density.

An Afro hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, is performed while taking into consideration the different personalities and characteristics of people from different ethnicities and origins. Clinic Mono offers its services in İzmir, ensuring that its patients enjoy a combined experience of treatment and vacation in a city renowned for its cultural heritage and beautiful coastal areas, such as Çeşme.

Afro Hair Transplant is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. There will be no stitches or scars as well after your Afro Hair Transplant.

Each graft will be planted coherently with the patient’s own hair direction. The result will be very natural, coherent with the patient’s own hair, and have the highest level of density.

Afro Hair Transplant can be performed using all the Hair Transplant techniques. All the techniques used in Hair Transplant can be applied to patients with Afro hair who experience hair loss. The basic rules of Hair Transplantation do not change for Afro Hair Transplantation. The most important thing is to perform the operation with a delicate, well-planned, and strategic approach. Natural and effective results are achieved when an Afro Hair Transplant is performed by a professional.

Our medical consultants are looking forward to helping you with Afro Hair Transplant treatment and getting you a consultation and personalized treatment plan from the specialists contracted by Clinic Mono.

Afro Hair Cost

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Afro Hair Transplant £1650 - £2200 £4,500 - £6,000 €4,000 - €6,000 $5,000 - $8,000

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