Vaser Liposuction

Procedure Overview
  • Procedure

    Vaser liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to reshape and contour the body by removing fat deposits from specific areas such as the tummy, waist, back, thighs, arms, or double chin.

  • Surgery Duration

    2-3 hours

  • Hospital Stay

    1 night

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

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Vaser liposuction is a surgical procedure which is performed to reshape and contour the body by removing fat deposits from specific areas such as the tummy, waist, back, thighs, arms or double chin. Vaser Lipo Turkey is one of the most popular procedures among all plastic procedures. 

Vaser liposuction procedure is a very advanced and highly effective procedure for those who would like to get rid of the regional excess fat on their body. Vaser technology allows the whole procedure to be performed very smoothly; during the procedure, none of the other inner tissues gets damaged. The extraction of excess fat becomes much easier with Vaser technology.


What Is a Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is an advanced technique benefitting from ultrasound energy for breaking the fat deposits apart during the operation; it separates the fat from the muscles gently without damaging other tissues. This way, the removal of the fat becomes easier, and contouring becomes smoother. 

The basic principles of liposuction are to break apart the unwanted fat deposits and remove them; with Vaser liposuction technology, the procedure becomes much more comfortable. A tumescent fluid mixed with anaesthetic medication is injected into the related area through small incisions. Afterwards, the fat deposits are broken apart gently by ultrasound waves and removed.

Vaser Lipo Procedure

Vaser liposuction can be performed for many different areas of the body, such as the tummy, waist, upper and lower back, arms, thighs, or double chin; treatment is the best way to get rid of the regional fat deposits quickly and effectively. The most common of these operations is 360 Vaser Liposuction; in this medical technique, the area around the belly is targeted for fat removal.

Since the procedure is performed with very minimal incisions after Vaser lipo, there are no prominent scars.

Vaser liposuction can be combined with some other cosmetic operations if it is necessary by the patient and the plastic surgeon; this procedure is very much preferred in mommy makeover operations, which are often combined with breast surgeries and tummy tucks.

Recovery After Vaser Liposuction

After the Vaser liposuction, the operated areas may get bruised and swollen. The swelling may remain until up to 6th month; the final results of the operation are visible when all the swelling is gone. It is normal to feel pain and tightness in the related areas after Vaser liposuction; you will be prescribed painkillers.

You will be provided with the right size of garment by our clinic; to minimize the side effects and support the Vaser lipo healing process, you should wear it as instructed.

Depending on the areas got treated, patients can usually get back to work in a week; your surgeon will advise you on the appropriate time to get back to work after Vaser liposuction for your specific condition. Heavy physical activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for 2-3 weeks after Vaser liposuction.


Highly developed Vaser liposuction surgeries are successfully performed at Clinic Mono thanks to the carefully made surgery plan according to the needs and expectations of the patients and the all-inclusive, luxury Vaser lipo cost as a package deal.

Before and after Vaser Liposuction, the professional Mono team will always be by your side; all the facilities and medical details related to the Vaser Lipo in Turkey are carefully designed for the comfort and health of international patients. Clinic Mono does not only offer the best results for Vaser Liposuction in Turkey but also promises a great holiday.


Plastic surgeons of Clinic Mono are the best Vaser Lipo Turkey surgeons, thanks to their high level of expertise and experience. Vaser liposuction is an operation that can give amazing results for many areas of the body and various body types. The best way to know if you are a suitable candidate for a Vaser liposuction procedure is to get a consultation from a plastic surgeon. In a detailed consultation session, Vaser Lipo surgeons at Clinic Mono can examine your general medical state and ask about your expectations from the operation; the area or areas for the liposuction are also examined carefully, and as a result, an individualized Vaser Lipo plan is created for the specific condition of the patients.

To provide a much more convenient and comfortable medical experience for international patients, Clinic Mono offers online consultations for Vaser Lipo in Turkey; you can contact us now to ask all your questions about the treatment and to find out if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

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Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US

Vaser Liposuction Cost

£2,900 - £3,500

£5,000 - £6,000

€6,000 - €7,000

$8,000 - $10,000

One of the most visited places for the best results of Vaser liposuction that offers cheap Vaser lipo price rates is Turkey; the difference in the currency rates and the general economic condition of the country allows the Vaser liposuction cost to be the most affordable one around the world. Combining this with the high level of medical expertise and top-quality medical facilities, Vaser liposuction in Turkey is the first choice of many international patients.

Vaser lipo cost in Turkey may vary depending on the area or areas that will get treated with the operation. The skin structure and the elasticity are important when deciding on a Vaser lipo; not every area of your body is suitable for the operation. Vaser liposuction cost gets affected by the individualized treatment plan. To prevent risks and complications, the consultation should be made very delicately. 

In Clinic Mono, the package cost of Vaser liposuction is created according to your individualized treatment plan by including the necessary package details for your journey. Your medical consultant will inform you about the cost of Vaser liposuction after your consultation.



While searching for Vaser Lipo treatments abroad, the reviews carry great importance. Patients who had their Vaser Liposuction in Turkey at Clinic Mono become a part of our big family and enjoy their best results. As Clinic Mono, we are proud to provide the best medical experiences for Vaser Liposuction surgeries and receive the best comments from our international patients.


Liposuction is an essential treatment in which surgeons implant a small substance that can liquefy the fat by making a minimal incision under the skin and absorbing this melted fat through a tube known as a cannula. Due to these properties, there’re few adverse effects after the procedure, and it’s a highly risk-free solution.

On the other hand, Vaser Liposuction is a much newer and more effective technique in which the surgeon uses ultrasonic waves to remove fat from specific areas of the body. Ultrasonic waves break down fats and turn them into liquids. So, fat elimination is very easy. In addition, Vaser Liposuction dramatically increases the skin‘s firmness and minimizes the possibility of sagging.

Vaser liposuction is an ideal operation for those who have stubborn fat deposits in certain parts of their body which are resistant to exercising or any other fat burning procedures. But then again, it should not be considered as a weight loss surgery. The aim of the Vaser liposuction is to get rid of the area-specific fat deposits to obtain a better body form and is not suitable for people over a certain body mass index.

Vaser Liposuction gives permanent results; however, you need to take care of your body and adopt a healthy lifestyle including a proper diet and exercising to preserve your results. Many patients state that they are very happy with their results in their Vaser liposuction reviews. 

In Clinic Mono, every part of your Vaser Lipo journey is planned by the dedicated Mono team with the most affordable Vaser liposuction cost Turkey ; in order to find out about Vaser liposuction reviews and pictures of before and after Vaser Liposuction of former patients of Mono, please fill out the consultation form; our experienced medical consultants are looking forward to give you further information about the treatments and Vaser liposuction cost Turkey.




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