Procedure Overview


Removing the saggy skin to achieve a flatter and more aesthetic abdomen look.

Surgery Duration

2-5 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


General Anesthesia

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Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure in which the removel of excess fat and excess skin is performed to get a flatter and more aesthetic abdomen appearance. Also known as “abdominoplasty” or “excess skin removal surgery”, tummy tuck is suitable for those who experience deformities in their tummy area due to major weight loss, pregnancy, or ageing.

After a tummy tuck surgery, the body achieves a much fitter and toned form which means it is much easier to wear the clothes you like, and you are very likely to feel much more confident about your body. Many patients state that their motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle has significantly increased after they had a tummy tuck operation.


Tummy tuck surgery makes loosened abdominal muscles tightened and stronger; stronger muscles provide better support to the core of the body and help to reduce the back pain and improve posture. After a tummy tuck, patients achieve a more confident posture and do not feel back pain caused by inadequate support from the abdominal muscles.

Excess skin removal surgery starts with incisions made according to the chosen technique to remove the excess skin and fat around the tummy area. During a tummy tuck, underlying muscles will be tightened which also very beneficial for those who have given birth and have loose muscles. When all the necessary changes are done, the tummy area is closed by sutures.

During a tummy tuck operation, ventral hernia can also be repaired. Moreover, tummy tuck reduces the risk of hernia occurring again by strengthening the muscles.

How Long Does a Tummy Tuck Take?

The duration of tummy tuck may change between 2-5 hours depending on the technique.

According to your medical history, the physical condition of your tummy and your expectations from the operation, you will be provided with the most suitable technique and treatment plan in your consultation process.

Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Depending on the amount and size of the skin and fat which needs to be removed for the best results, excess skin removal surgery can have different types such as;

  • extended tummy tuck,
  • regular tummy tuck
  • mini tummy tuck
  • lipoabdominoplasty

The difference between types of this operation is the size of the incisions made. While in extended tummy tuck the length of the incision may extend until your back throughout your bikini line to obtain better results for your condition; in mini tummy tuck the incision is usually relatively shorter than regular and extended tummy tuck.

Recovery After Tummy Tuck

It is normal to experience pain and swelling after tummy tuck. You will be prescribed with antibiotics and painkillers to minimize the side effects. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to get back to your daily routine and to your job after tummy tuck depending on the level of the physical activity, your job and lifestyle require. Tummy tuck incision scars should be taken care of as instructed by your surgeon; they will fade away on a large scale until 6th month. To prevent any opening of incisions, you should avoid positions which may strain your belly area for around 1-2 months after tummy tuck.

Quick Look To Tummy Tuck

Overview of key aspects related to Tummy Tuck
ProcedureTightens weakened or separated muscles above and below the belly button, creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.
DurationBetween 3 to 4 hours.
StayOne night at the hospital, followed by six nights at a hotel.
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Recovery6 weeks after the surgery.You will be dressed in a corset in the surgery. After the operation, you must wear your corset for the first 4-6 weeks for 24 hours. For the first week, you are not recommended to lie facewards and straight, stand up straight, turn your sides. When you lie, you should put a pillow at your back to get a 30 degress position and your legs should be straight. You can stand up straight after 1 weeks. After 3 weeks you can lie face down.
What to BringComfortable dresses and loose trousers .It should be loose and not restrictive
Side EffectsScarring, Bleeding, Pain and swelling , Infection,Seroma (accumulation of fluid),Numbness or other changes in sensation.
Complicationsdog ears" (extra skin) at the edges of the scar,a collection of fluid in the area that was operated on.Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis),Skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling,Asymmetrical (uneven) healing.
ExerciseAfter the operation heavy exercises are strictly forbidden for 1 month. (sexual intercourse, gym, carrying heavy things, lifting, reaching)
But also after the operation we recommend walking as a cardio exercise. Abdominal exercises are forbidden for 8 weeks
ScarsThe scar is horizontal, situated above the pubis
PainThe length of time that pain lasts after a tummy tuck can vary from person to person, as everyone’s recovery process is unique. However, in general, the worst of the pain usually subsides within the first 2 days after the surgery.
ResultsThe tummy tuck is considered a permanent procedure, and the results will not usually fade for those who keep their weight stable. That said, keeping a stable weight is crucial.


Tummy tuck surgery through Clinic Mono offers international patients a luxurious medical journey they will never forget.

Clinic Mono’s contracted plastic surgeons are the most experienced and skilled surgeons who achieve the most amazing results. Clinic Mono offers the best all-inclusive packages for tummy tuck in Turkey; international patients looking for a smooth and comfortable journey while having the most successful tummy tuck results can choose Clinic Mono and benefit from the most advantageous tummy tuck cost in Turkey. All details such as accommodation, transport, meals, medications and check-ups are planned by dedicated Mono consultants for your convenience and comfort.


Day 1: Patients arrive at the hospital and have their pre-operative tests done. In a detailed face-to-face consultation with the surgeon, all details about the tummy tuck are discussed. Afterwards, the operation starts; it can take 2 to 5 hours depending on the technique and your specific condition. In the first night, patients stay in the hospital.

Day 2-3: Patients are discharged from the hospital and taken to their arranged accommodation (Mono Life Otel or one of the 5-star partner hotels). The first check-up after the tummy tuck is done and necessary medications are provided.

Day 4-5: Patients can rest in their accommodation, but heavy activities should be avoided at this time. Patients are assigned with a personal assistant they can reach out 24/7.

Day 6: The second check-up is done by the tummy tuck surgeon. Rest of the medications that patients will need after returning to their country are prescribed.

Day 7: Patients are picked up from their accommodation and taken to the airport for their flight back home.


Although tummy tuck surgery can give amazing results for a wide range of patients, the best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for the operation is to get a professional opinion. Therefore, consultation sessions with the best tummy tuck surgeons in Turkey, with whom Clinic Mono collaborates, are of great importance for the success of tummy tuck surgery because all details about the patient’s medical history, current health status, previous operations, future pregnancy plans and expectations from the tummy tuck procedure are discussed during this consultation sessions. To provide international patients with a smooth and comfortable tummy tuck surgery experience, Clinic Mono offers online consultations to answer all questions about the procedure, provide a personalised medical assessment and create a personalised tummy tuck surgery plan. In short, the Mono Team will mediate you throughout the process in every way.


Tummy tuck surgery is a very popular operation that is performed all around the world today; however, tummy tuck cost may vary depending on many different factors.

How Much Is a Tummy Tuck?

Turkey is one of the most popular countries where international patients can find very affordable tummy tuck price. Tummy tuck in Turkey not only offers a very high standard medical experience but also a chance to have a nice holiday in a beautiful country. Therefore, the country receives a high number of visitors for the reasonable tummy tuck price advantage it offers for the best tummy tuck results.

Tummy tuck cost differs according to the technique and package details; Clinic Mono offers all-inclusive tummy tuck surgery cost. Mono’s contracted medical consultants will help you with your consultation and booking processes.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Tummy Tuck £3,500 - £5,000 £7,000 - £14,000 €8,500 - €14,000 $8,000 - $14,000



All Tummy tuck Turkey reviews from Clinic Mono’s international patients attest to the success and patient-centred medical experience we offer, as well as the most satisfying tummy tuck results. Mono is delighted to mediate thousands of patients who want to have their excess skin removed at Clinic Mono, which is the best in Turkey, offering intermediary services as a health tourism authorisation certified.

I had a fabulous experience with the monoclinic.

I had a fabulous experience with the monoclinic. They treated me like a celebrity. I was picked up and taken to all the meetings with nice cars. The staff was so supportive and amazing. I had breast implants and lift and lipoadominoplasty. I stayed at the hotel which was amazing and the staff were brilliant. I met some fantastic people. I 100% recommend this clinic. The plastic surgeon and the assistant are fabulous together with Busem 🌸🌸. They completely changed my life, thank you all 🌸🌸🌸🌸❤️

Florentina Lacramioara Gherase

I was well cared for every step

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and it was a wonderful experience. I was well cared for every step of the way by my patient co ordinator Ece Şahin. She accompanied me for the surgery , arranged my consultations and visits. She communicated with me throughout and I never felt alone. My Dr Merve was amazing. I also felt especially cared for by Mikael and Ayse at the recovery Villa. Surgery recovery can be uncomfortable but every body did their best to make me feel special and cared for. This made all the difference.

U. Star

I’ve been extremely well looked after

Im going home tomorrow after my 5th AMAZING visit at Mono. I’ve had gastric sleeve surgery, arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift with implants and this time a FDL Tummy tuck and 360 body lift. From the moment I arrived to leaving tomorrow I’ve been extremely well looked after. Its so nice coming back to my Mono family over and over again. My patient coordinator Beste has been incredible. Even though she knew Ive been to Mono many times, she still explained every process to me and made sure I was comfortable at all times. What a wonderful young lady. Thankyou so much. Busem visited me every day and brought me the most amazing boquet of flowers. She has the most gorgeous smile and such a caring personality. Nothing is ever too much for the staff here at Mono. The Doctor also visited me daily to check on me at the Villa and check on my drains. She was also fantastic with me and very very friendly. My surgeon Dr Eren Ersoz and Dr Merve have done an incredible job on my body. My results are way better than I ever dreamed they could be after losing 14 stone (88kg) in weight. My stay at the aftercare villa has been perfect again. A special thankyou to the lady who cooks and cleans the villa. She never stops working and cooks the most amazing food. The transport drivers are wonderful and always very helpfull. To end my 5th visit here I attended the clinic for a complementary facial. It was such a generous gesture and made me feel amazing. Im so so thankful to all the staff I have met and who have helped me at Mono. Dr Merve, Dr Eren, Busem, Oya, Beste, Furkhan, Tugce, Isil, The villa staff, the Best West drivers. THANKYOU. I cant wait to return again to Mono. Xxx

Stacey Barker

I am over the moon with my results

Come back from mono clinic yesterday! I had my surgery Monday last week. And I had a lovely experience. I had breast reduction/uplift lipo and Tummy tuck and I’m so happy with my results so far. Mustafa was an absolute diamond with me and my friends the entire week! Whenever we needed anything he was there at all times. Nothing was ever too much for him. I’m going to miss him so much!! Definitely recommend mono clinic, I had dr merve as my surgeon and I am over the moon with my results 🙂

Courtney Johnson

Had such a great experience

I had a recent FDL tummy tuck at Mono clinic. Had such a great experience. My patient liason Can was superb and could not do enough to help. From being picked up from the airport to when I left it was a thoroughly first class service. Cannot recommend Mono enough to anybody who is thinking about surgery.

Dean Clarke

I would highly recommend

I’ve just been to Turkey with Mono for tummy tuck and breast reduction and uplift. I would highly recommend Mono to anyone thinking about having surgery abroad. From the moment I paid my deposit to having my treatment I was always on contact with someone for any questions I had. Mono had put my mind at rest and we’re with me the whole step of the way. 10/10 for communication, reliability, professionalism and friendly. Thank you Mono for making this experience easier for me. My coordinator Beste was fabulous and she arranged anything and everything for me. I can’t thank you all enough. Chelsea Holley

Chelsea Holley

Doctor did good job with my tummy tuck I’m happy

Very good clinic. Busra the person who advice and encourage to travel for tummy tuck, she looked after me and maked sure I arrived safe to hotel ,she was so friendly and helpful, Emur very nice and helpful person , he bough me drinks and water when I couldn’t go out .keep checking if I need any help ,and doctor did good job with my tummy tuck I’m happy with result

Karima Bouhmid


While tummy tuck is the excess skin removal surgery during which the muscles are repaired, liposuction is the surgery to remove belly fat.

If you get pregnant after having tummy tuck, your tightened muscles and abdomen skin can get loose again; therefore, tummy tuck is not recommended to be done before pregnancy.

Techniques of tummy tuck are related to the incision length; while in mini tummy tuck the incision is much shorter than the others, in extended tummy tuck, it is the longest. The suitable technique is decided by the surgeon depending on the specific condition of the patient.

Tummy tuck is not considered to be a suitable procedure for the ones who would like to lose weight or get pregnant in the future. The results of tummy tuck surgery can get deformed with weight changes. Tummy tuck is not a procedure for weight loss but a procedure for loose skin removal in the abdominal area caused by deformities comes with weight loss. Therefore, if you are planning to have a bariatric surgery which involves losing a great amount of weight, or if you are planning to lose weight by other means, it is recommended to have tummy tuck after your weight loss process is done.

In Clinic Mono, the individualized treatment plan for your tummy tuck surgery is done delicately during your consultation process by the experienced medical consultants and contracted surgeons. Mono will act as an intermediary to bring you together with the best surgeons. The cost of abdominoplasty is designed as a package offer to provide patients with the best quality facilities and make their tummy tuck journey comfortable; the Mono team will be there to arrange every detail of your abdominoplasty surgery journey. Please fill out the consultation form in order to start your tummy tuck journey with a free online consultation.

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