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Beard transplant has gained popularity with the change in men styling in the modern world. Beard has been a big part of male styling and fashion; unlike the earlier years in which a neat and charismatic look was achieved by a smooth and shaved face, in today’s world, the bushy beard has been the new trend by symbolizing the ideas of strength, masculinity and freedom.


A beard hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure which benefits from the hair transplant techniques to treat beard loss, thinning or patchiness to achieve a desired beard; it is a minimally invasive operation with a %90-95 success rate.

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The basics of the beard hair transplant procedure are not different from other facial hair transplant procedures. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia. First, the required number of follicles are harvested by the selected technique, which is found to be suitable for the patients. The beard area is prepared by opening micro canals in the proper depth and direction; this stage may differ in varying techniques. And lastly, the follicles are inserted into the previously opened canals. Beard transplant takes around 2-5 hours, depending on the extent of the area to be treated. The procedure is completely painless.

Beard follicle has a different structure than hair follicle; it is usually much thicker. The donor area for beard transplants should be decided delicately in order to obtain a permanent and natural results. The back of the scalp, nape and neck areas are usually the best options as a donor area for Beard Transplant due to their strong and resistant follicle structure.


After a beard transplant operation, patients are able to get back to their light daily routines in a day. Mild bruising, sensitivity and swelling can be experienced both in the donor and recipient area for a few days. 

In 2-3 weeks, the newly transplanted beard will fall off; this a natural part of the process called shock loss and there is no need to hesitate about the quality of beard transplant results since they will grow back again when their growth cycle settles.


Procedure of beard hair transplant at Clinic Mono is designed to offer international patients a very comfortable treatment journey while they’re achieving the best beard transplant results. From the start of your beard transplant journey, you will be provided with constant care of dedicated Mono team. Beard transplant at Clinic Mono is performed by using the latest facial hair transplant techniques for the most successful results and a painless, comfortable operation. International beard transplant patients are welcomed at Clinic Mono’s hospitable environment for their treatment and benefit from the high-quality facilities throughout the beard transplant journey.


Beard transplants allow patients to choose their own style for their results; patients have full control over how their result will look like. Therefore, a good consultation process where all the details are discussed with the best hair transplant surgeon is very important. Clinic Mono’s beard transplant surgeons are the best ones in their field with years of expertise and experience. In the consultation, patient’s medical history, and prior operations, needs and expectations should be covered; in the light of these information, the hair transplant specialist will create an individualized treatment plan in which the technique, the donor area and the number of required grafts is determined for your beard transplant. Afterwards, beard hair transplant operation is performed by using the best techniques and facial hair transplant technologies.


Beard transplant cost at Clinic Mono covers all the expenses of accommodation, transfers, medications, personal assistance, online and face-to-face check-ups with treatment packages for international patients; Clinic Mono provides the maximum number of grafts in facial hair transplant package prices. International patients who choose to have their beard transplant Turkey with Clinic Mono benefit from the most advantages package beard transplant cost and have a holiday like treatment journey in Turkey.

For further information on the beard transplant procedure and to get a price of beard transplant package deal for your personalized treatment plan, please contact Clinic Mono; experienced and dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to initiating your treatment journey with an online consultation.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US

Beard Transplant Cost

£2,200 - £2,500

£9,000 - £14,000

€10,500 - €16,500

$7,000 - $12,000


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It is very common for men to experience problems while growing beard such as patchy growth in their beard or experiencing sparse facial hair. The permanent solution for a bushy beard is Beard Transplant. Beard transplant patients of Clinic Mono get back to their country with the best beard transplant results and deliver the best beard transplant reviews.


Yes. All hair transplant techniques are designed to give the most natural and permanent results; the follicles are able to grow naturally in their new transplanted places once the recovery process is done.




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