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A beard hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure which benefits from the hair transplant techniques to treat beard loss, thinning or patchiness to achieve a desired beard; it is a minimally invasive operation with a %90-95 success rate.

Beard transplant has gained popularity with the change in men styling in the modern world. Beard has been a big part of male styling and fashion; unlike the earlier years in which a neat and charismatic look was achieved by a smooth and shaved face, in today’s world, the bushy beard has been the new trend by symbolizing the ideas of strength, masculinity and freedom.

However, growing a bushy and charismatic beard is not easy for everybody; many men are not able to grow a full and voluminous beard due to genetics, hormonal or auto-immune disorders, poor nutrition or stress. A beard hair transplant is the most preferred one among all facial hair transplant procedures.

There are 4 main stages of the procedure;

  • Consultation
  • Pre-operation
  • Procedure
  • Post-operation
  • Consultation

Consultation before any facial hair transplant procedure is very essential; the treatment plan is created during consultation in the light of the medical information and expectations of the patient. The skin and the existing follicles are examined; the outline and the density of the new beard is determined. The procedure is very convenient because it gives control to patients and the specialist over the results with unique treatment plans. The donor area for beard hair transplant is usually the back of the head because of the strong structure of the follicles there. The most suitable technique of beard hair transplant for the specific condition of the donor and beard area is selected by the hair transplant specialist.


It is important to get prepared for the beard transplant both physically and mentally. Patients should acknowledge the abilities of the procedure and set their expectations realistically. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be refrained at least for a week before the procedure. Comfortable top clothes which are buttoned front should be preferred. If you are on any medication, you should talk about it with your specialist, as you may need to stop using it before the beard hair transplant depending on the active ingredients.


The basics of the procedure are not different from other facial hair transplant procedures. The whole procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. First, the required number of follicles are harvested by the selected technique, which is found to be suitable for the patients. The beard area is prepared by opening up micro canals in the proper depth and direction; this stage may differ in varying techniques. And lastly, the follicles are inserted into the previously opened canals. Beard transplant takes around 2-5 hours, depending on the extent of the area to be treated. The procedure is completely painless.


Patients feel good enough to go back to their daily routines right after the beard hair transplant. Small crusts in the donor and recipient area can occur and it is completely normal; they will disappear in 7-10 days. Minimal bruising, sensitivity, headache and swelling are the most experienced side effects after beard transplant. Almost all side effects will disappear in 15 days; however, post-op instruction from your hair transplant specialist should be followed until the results are achieved.

Recovery and aftercare period of beard transplant

The recovery period of the procedure is comfortable, and the aftercare instructions are easy. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided until at least the early recovery process is completed, as they may prolong the process and make it uncomfortable. Small crusts after beard hair transplant should not be touched or picked; they will disappear by themselves. The prescribed lotions and medications should be used as instructed by the specialist, as they support the healing and accelerate the recovery.

Shock loss during recovery period

A few weeks after beard hair transplant, many patients experience shedding on their new follicles; although this makes patients nervous about their results, it is actually a natural part of the recovery, and the fallen follicles grow back as the recovery progresses further. Shock loss does not occur in every beard transplant patient.

Which techniques can be performed for beard hair transplant?

Since all facial hair transplant procedures are performed with the same basic steps as regular hair transplants, every hair transplant technique can be performed for beard transplants.

The most preferred technique for the procedure is FUE; FUE is the latest technique in which the follicles are harvested one by one and transplanted into the beard area via suitable tools. The advantage of this technique is that it does not require any blades, cuttings or stitches; its minimally invasive structure allows beard transplant to be performed without a scar. In addition to that, the recovery is very smooth and quick after FUE.

Another technique for facial hair transplant in Turkey is FUT; it is an older technique in which the follicles are harvested from a skin strip extracted from the back of the head. This technique is not as preferred as FUE due to the fact that it leaves a permanent scar in the donor area, and the healing lasts longer.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) can also be used for beard transplant as it is an improved variation of the FUE technique and is able to provide very natural and accurate results.

The suitable technique for your operation will be determined by your specialist after a detailed assessment.

Does a beard hair transplant give permanent results?

Just like all other facial hair transplant procedures and regular hair transplants, beard transplants give the most natural and life-long results. The transplanted follicles completely settle in their new place in around 10-12 months, and the final results are achieved; after the final results, patients can shave, cut or style their beard as they wish. New follicles will keep growing just like in their original places. Results are indistinguishable from the natural.

Beard hair transplant cost

Beard transplant cost in Monoplant Hair Clinic covers all the expenses of accommodation, transfers, medications, personal assistance, online and face-to-face check-ups with treatment packages for international patients; Monoplant Hair Clinic provides the maximum number of grafts in facial hair transplant package prices.

For further information on the beard transplant procedure and to get a package deal for your personalized treatment plan, please contact Monoplant Hair Clinic; experienced and dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to initiate your treatment journey with an online consultation.

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