Procedure Overview


Reducing the size of enlarged male breasts to obtain a better masculine look.

Surgery Duration

1-2 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


General Anesthesia

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Gynecomastia, also known as manboob surgery,  is a term for enlarged male breast condition. Gynecomastia is usually caused by hormonal changes (increased estrogen), genetic predispositions, usage of certain medications, or obesity.

Gynecomastia is a male breast reduction surgery that is performed to reduce the size of enlarged male breasts and achieve a more masculine look. Gynecomastia is a common problem among men. The condition can cause aesthetic discomfort and, thus, low self-confidence. Manboob reduction allows males to get their desired chest look and regain their confidence in social life.

Gynecomastia is a very popular manboob reduction, and its success rate is over 93%. Most of the gyno surgery patients in Turkey enjoy their permanent results without any complaints.


The enlargement of male breasts can also cause poor posture. The heaviness of the breasts may strain the back, distort the posture, and cause back pain. After manboob surgery, patients achieve a much better and more confident posture and do not suffer from back pain that is related to the heaviness of their breasts.

After gyno surgery, many patients state that they feel much better while exercising. Enlarged breasts can make physical activities uncomfortable, and therefore, after the manboob removal, patients become much more motivated to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Enlarged male breasts affect the general mental conditions of patients as well. It can make it difficult to find suitable clothes and may cause patients to refrain from social interactions. After gyno surgery, patients’ self-confidence is restored, and it is much easier to wear the clothes they like. Thus, patients become much more comfortable in their social and professional lives.

Gynecomastia Procedure

Gynecomastia condition can occur in different types. Your plastic surgeon will identify the structure and reasons of your gynecomastia and create the most suitable treatment plan for your specific condition.

Gynecomastia surgery can be performed by excising glandular tissues and excess skin in the area, by removing the fat tissue in the area via liposuction, or by both.

After the suitable techniques are applied according to the gynecomastia surgery plan, the incisions are closed with stitches. Gynecomastia surgery takes around 1–2 hours. The whole procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery After Gynecomastia Surgery

You will be provided with a medical, elastic garment after gyno surgery. Your medical consultant and plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to use it and when to take it off. The garment will support your gynecomastia healing process and reduce the oedema in the surgical area.

Pain, bleeding, swelling, and bruising can be experienced immediately after manboobs reduction. In order to minimize these side effects and support the healing process of your gynecomastia, you will be prescribed the appropriate medications. Scratching the surgical site should be refrained.

Patients can return to their daily lives within 5 days after gynecomastia surgery, provided that they follow the post-operative instructions carefully. Driving should be avoided until it is no longer painful to wear a seatbelt. Patients can get back to work a week after gyno surgery, depending on the level of physical activity their work requires. Excessive exercising, heavy lifting, and stretching should be avoided for around 6 weeks after manboob reduction.

The results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent and the success rate is quite high.

Gynecomastia Quick Look

Overview of key aspects related to Gynecomastia
ProcedureReducing the size of enlarged male breasts to obtain a better masculine look.It is a common condition that stems from a change in balance between the hormones testosterone and estrogen.
Duration1 or 2 hours
StayOne night at the hospital, followed by six nights at a hotel.
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
RecoveryAfter 6 weeks it usually indicates that the healing process is complete. During this process, healthy nutrition and the use of corsets and creams are important. After the operation, you must wear your corset for the first 4-6 weeks for 24 hours
What to BringLoose-fitting clothes such as sweatshirts or tops with front openings.
Side EffectsSwollen,Bruising
ExerciseAfter the operation heavy exercises are strictly forbidden for 1 month. (sexual intercourse, gym, carrying heavy things, lifting, reaching)But also after the operation we recommend walking as a cardio exercise
ScarsThe scars are quite small.
PainUsually mild but subjective to the individual.
ResultsAs the swelling subsides, patients will begin to see a more defined and contoured facial appearance. The final results can typically be seen within a 2 months after the procedure.
ResultsThe results of Bichectomy are not immediately noticeable due to post-surgical swelling, As the swelling subsides, patients will begin to see a more defined and contoured facial appearance. The final results can typically be seen within a 2 months after the procedure.


Gynecomastia surgery has been an efficient solution for many male patients who suffer from enlarged breasts. The low possibility of complications and high success rates make gynecomastia surgery preferable for patients. Clinic Mono, as a tourism agency, is proud to cooperate with healthcare institutions that use the best techniques and act as an intermediary to bring international patients together with the contracted surgeons to offer them the best gynecomastia in Turkey with the all-inclusive and cheapest treatment packages and the most successful gynecomastia results. Every detail of the all-inclusive packages such as accommodation, operation, and transfer is arranged with the best facilities for the happiness and well-being of our patients. In short, the Mono Team will mediate you throughout the process in every way. Please fill out the consultation form to find out more about the gynecomastia surgery prices in Turkey and get an online consultation. Our contracted medical consultants will contact you immediately.


Day 1: Patients arrive at the hospital and have their pre-operative tests done. In a detailed face-to-face consultation with the surgeon, all the details of the operation are discussed. Afterwards, the gynecomastia surgery starts. It takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the patient’s specific condition. On the first night, patients stay in the hospital.

Day 2–3: Patients are discharged from the hospital and taken to their arranged accommodation (Mono Life Hotels or one of the 5-star partner hotels). The first check-up is done after the operation, and necessary medications are provided.

Day 4–5: Patients can rest in their accommodation. Heavy activities should be avoided. Patients are assigned a personal assistant they can reach out to 24/7.

Day 6: The second check-up is done by the surgeon, and the rest of the medications that patients will need after returning to their country are prescribed.

Day 7: Patients are picked up from their accommodation and taken to the airport for their flight back home.


Before the manboob surgery, the reasons behind the gynecomastia conditions should be examined very carefully to obtain better results. The consultation process of gynecomastia procedure should be done delicately. Medical condition, body mass index, smoking and alcohol habits, the actual size of the enlarged breasts and current hormonal state, skin elasticity, and structure of the patient should be examined very carefully for gynecomastia.

The best gynecomastia surgeons in Turkey, with whom Clinic Mono collaborates, perform the most successful medical procedures using the latest medical techniques. The best gynecomastia surgeons Mono collaborates with provide patients with not only the best results but also a comfortable treatment process thanks to their high-level medical expertise and years of experience. Mono is a pioneer in bringing the best doctors and patients together.

It is essential to mention the expectations from the manboob surgery in detail. The combination of realistic expectations, a stable medical state, and the expertise of the plastic surgeon will provide the most satisfactory and lifelong manboob removal results.


Gynecomastia is a very successful and popular operation that is performed all around the world today. For gynecomastia surgery seekers who would like to find the best option with the highest quality of the procedure and the lowest gynecomastia surgery price rates, Turkey is the first address. The medical expertise and high-standard medical facilities throughout the country allow international patients to have a very smooth gynecomastia journey.

How Much Is Gyno Surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery costs in Turkey are the most affordable ones. The all-inclusive package prices for the gynecomastia surgery are delicately designed for the comfort and satisfaction of the patients through Mono. After your individualized gynecomastia surgery Turkey plan is created by the contracted plastic surgeons, you will be informed about the gynecomastia surgery price and package details by our medical consultants. Please do not hesitate to contact us now to find out more about your gynecomastia surgery Turkey plan and the cheapest gyno surgery.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Gynecomastia £2,900 - £3,500 £5,000 - £6,000 €6,000 - €7,000 $6,000 - $10,000



Gynecomastia surgery gives very satisfactory and successful results, thanks to improved medical techniques and technologies. Gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is very beneficial for increasing masculine energy, as enlargement of the male breasts can cause masculine energy to decrease and can affect the general psychological state of patients at a huge rate. After gynecomastia, patients who had their surgery through Mono achieve a better masculine figure and restore their masculine energy. As Clinic Mono, we’re glad to receive the best reviews from the international patients who achieved the best results from gynecomastia surgery.

Amazing from start to finish

Amazing from start to finish, 5star treatment, lovely caring staff, aftercare, posh hotel, from collection at airport to dropping off at airport. I had gyno lipo and rhino, feel and look amazing and reallly happy. If your thinking of doing it defiently choose mono

Adam Lloyd


Mostly, the incision scars are concealed in the natural contours of the body; however, it may leave minimal and faded scars in some cases.

Patients feel good enough to get back to their daily routine within 5-7 days if they follow the post-operative instructions carefully.

Clinic Mono provides online consultation sessions for international patients to offer a much more convenient and comfortable start to gynecomastia surgery in Turkey. You can contact us immediately to ask all your questions, get a detailed medical assessment, a unique gynecomastia treatment plan, and get the cheapest gyno surgery price.

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