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Clinic Mono, as a medical tourism agency, arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey. All of your arrival details will be arranged by our arrival assistants from the best facilities available.


Hair loss is a common problem for both women and men living in a social environment; loss of hair and receding hairline often mean negative impact on individual’s social life. 

Hair loss may arise from many different reasons such as genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, age, stress, mental factors, Androgenetic Alopecia, pregnancy and many other. Since the appearance of the problem, people kept trying different ways for a solution of hair loss. Undoubtedly, the permanent and most effective remedy has been Hair Transplant. Hair transplant in Turkey is a very advanced treatment today thanks to the medical technologies and developments; this allowed the hair loss patients to have the procedure without feeling any discomfort and serious side effects. Hair transplant Turkey procedure is quite easy for patients; right after the procedure patients can easily get back to the daily routine.


There are many different hair transplant techniques today thanks to the developed medical technology on the field and talented hair transplant surgeons. The most popular and preferred technique for hair transplant is FUE hair transplant Turkey thanks to its comfortable process, cheapest hair transplant prices and high success rate on the results.

Along with FUE hair transplant Turkey techniques, other successful hair transplant techniques like Sapphire hair transplant, Direct hair implantation (DHI), female hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, Afro hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, moustache transplant and Micro FUE hair transplant are successfully performed today for the most attractive and permanent hair transplant results.


People who would like to have a hair transplant Turkey can easily enjoy all the attraction available in the time of their journey since the operation allows patients to get back to their daily lives a day after. Many of Clinic Mono patients enjoy discovering the city, tasting food from the local cuisine, walking in the coastline or shopping in the most famous bazaar of the city a day after their operation. Hair transplant has been a chance to have a nice holiday in a beautiful country for many people.

The advantageous location of Clinic Mono in Izmir gives the patients a chance to have a good and affordable holiday in a very beautiful and exotic city along with their Turkey hair transplant treatment. You will be greeted by our experienced international team at the airport and accompanied to the professional and hospitable environment of Clinic Mono. 

Best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey at Clinic Mono are widely recognized for the most natural and permanent hair transplant results they achieve by using the cutting-edge medical technology and most successful hair transplant techniques. Our team will be always there for you 7/24 through your stay.


Hair transplant Turkey is a procedure which requires hand skill which is a quality which develops by experience and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon.

At Clinic Mono, we take our patients’ well-being and desires as the priority; all our hair transplant surgeons are the most talented, attentive and highly qualified ones in their branch. Our experienced medical consultants will be there to help you with identifying your needs before your detailed consultation and examination made by our hair transplant specialist. 

Offering the best hair transplant in Turkey, Clinic Mono’s best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will listen to you very carefully and create an individualized treatment plan by analyzing your hair loss condition accurately because every patient is unique and the most suitable treatment plans should be tailor made. The best technique for your individual case will be identified for the best hair transplant results.


Clinic Mono’s Turkey hair transplant cost are designed in Turkey hair transplant package that covers the accommodation, airport and inner-city transfers, necessary medication including shampoos and lotions, pre-operative tests, online and face to face consultations, check-ups and 7/24 reachable, multilingual assistant. The cheap facilities and medical rates in Turkey comparing European countries allow for very affordable and all-inclusive hair transplant cost package deals with the best facilities. 

How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Patients of Clinic Mono benefit from the lowest hair transplant prices with Turkey hair transplant package while enjoying their holiday-like journey in Turkey. Accommodation, VIP transfers and the partner hospitals are meticulously chosen for our patients; we have a cozy Mono Villa in the center of the city, agreements with multiple luxury hotels and hospitals providing our patients with an unforgettable journey for their hair transplants Turkey. All your arrival details like your flight tickets and reservations will be taken care of by help of Mono Team with flexible appointment options for your procedure date.



Along with the before and after pictures of the amazing hair transplant transformations, Clinic Mono is proud to present the best hair transplant in Turkey reviews of the international patients who now become a part of big Mono family and achieve the best hair transplant results with the most successful hair transplant techniques performed by the expert medical team of Clinic Mono.


Thanks to the cutting-edge medical technology and the highly developed medical techniques, success rate of hair transplant is around %90-95.

With a suitable personalized hair transplant treatment plan, hair transplant does not leave apparent scar; the incision is highly covered under the transplanted hair.

While in hair implant procedure artificial hair plugs are inserted to the hair loss area, hair transplant procedure covers the transfer of natural hair follicles that are taken from another part of the scalp to the hair loss area. Hair implants are not often performed anymore due to the artificial results and the high risk of infection.




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