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Double chin liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to remove fat deposits in double chin area that causes aesthetic discomfort. By the double chin removal of the fat, the neck and chin become defined, patients achieve a more defined, slimmer and firmer neck and chin area.


Liposuction for double chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts around only 1 hour. During double chin liposuction surgery micro incisions are made on the double chin area and the excess fat tissue is removed by liposuction and the incisions are closed.

Double Chin Liposuction Recovery

During recovery of double chin liposuction patients use a medical compression strap that covers the surgery area. Edema, bruising and soreness are commonly observed after lipo for double chin surgery; however, they gradually disappear. Liposuction for double chin surgery recovery is extremely comfortable; patients can get back to their light daily routine within a day. Full recovery is expected in 1-2 weeks when all double chin removal liposuction post-op instructions are carefully followed.


Liposuction for double chin medical process through Clinic Mono starts with an online medical assessment for the convenience of international patients who look for a treatment option in Turkey. After a meticulous medical assessment, the talented plastic surgeons create double chin surgery plan.
Clinic Mono, as a toursim agency, prioritizes the comfort and health of patients by arranging all the details of the double chin surgery beforehand with the best quality medical facilities.


For the international patients who seek to have their treatment with the best double chin liposuction surgeon in Turkey, Clinic Mono is the best address; Clinic Mono is proud to cooperate with healthcare institutions that use the best techniques and act as an intermediary to bring international patients together with the contracted surgeons to offer them the best double chin liposuction in Turkey with the all-inclusive and cheapest treatment packages and the most successful liposuction results.

Our talented plastic surgeons will examine your individual condition closely and create the most suitable double chin liposuction surgery treatment plan for a smooth process and attractive results.


Double chin liposuction cost may differ related to certain factors; therefore, patients should get an individualized double chin liposuction surgery plan with a medical consultation to get information about the accurate cost of double chin lipo surgery.

Being the first address for those looking for both the highest quality and the cheapest double chin liposuction cost, Clinic Mono arranges the cost of double chin liposuction surgery in the lowest rates without comprising the quality.

Type of Procedure Mono Cost UK Cost EU Cost US
Double Chin Liposuction £3200 - £4500 £9,000 - £14,000 €6,000 - €7,000 $10,000 - $12,000



After restoring their neck and chin area with double chin fat removal with liposuction and achieving a youthful and fitter appearance, patients who had their surgery through Clinic Mono leave the best double chin liposuction surgery reviews stating their happiness with the results and overall medical process with Mono.

I had 360 lipo and chin lipo

I had 360 lipo and chin lipo with Dr. Merve Ozkaya Unsal. I was originally going for a BBL but after homework I was worried about the safety of the procedure and going abroad. I decided to get 360 lipo and chin instead. I’m very happy with my results so far.
I would do it again tomorrow.
I stayed in a very clean safe private room in hospital. I had round the clock care. The villa was great, the only down side is I was given a much smaller, dated room with TERRIBLE beds. They had no headboard and it was very difficult to sleep post surgery for me and my mum (who hadn’t had surgery). However, this was the only down side of the stay.
My pre surgery information was not great either. I was contacted alot to pay a deposit and after that things were very quiet and I had to ask alot of questions I would have expected to be sent to me. An itinary would have been useful with taxi information. Information about food. Hospitals. Procedure detail etc.

The highlights were my patient coordinator NEHIR. what a lovely caring kind girl. She checked on me several times a day. All my needs and questions were met. She stayed with me in hospital until I was awake and safe despite it being her graduation day. I feel this girl goes above and beyond compared to other coordinators.
Also at the villa mikail was lovely and kind and accommodating.

I would definitely go to mono again. Don’t be put off by the social media being very focused on a certain type of look. Every day people who want tweaks and enhancements also use mono who aren’t Instagram models or influencers and have more subtle results. Mono is clean, safe and I will go back again and recommend.

Jade Barnes


If it is found suitable by your plastic surgeon, double chin liposuction surgery can be combined with other surgeries.

Patient who are under 30 BMI and have a good general health condition are usually suitable candidates for double chin liposuction surgery. A plastic surgeon should assess your medical condition to decide if you are suitable for double chin liposuction surgery; patients should remember that double chin liposuction surgery is not a weight loss surgery but a body contouring surgery.




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