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Composite bonding, one of the popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, is applied when your front teeth are broken, bruised, discoloured, or crooked. Continuously developed composite materials for dentistry are preferred in the hybrid bonding procedure. 

We have compiled all the information you need for composite bonding applications, which are also popular in Turkey. Keep reading!

Composite bonding, one of the most effective dental procedures, is a frequently preferred treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Composite bonding is the name given to applying aesthetic and composite materials to the teeth along with the tooth’s natural colour. It is a frequently preferred technique among smile design procedures.

Composite bonding in Turkey is very popular due to the following situations:

  • This procedure is frequently preferred because it is a swift and economical application.
  • It is especially preferred for closing the gaps between the teeth or correcting the tooth shape.
  • Since it is a procedure that ends in only one session, the rate of application frequency is increasing.

Composite Bonding in Turkey

With the principle of not damaging the teeth in any way, this application is frequently preferred in Turkey to repair the shape and colour of the teeth and treat some teeth defects. Composite bonding in Turkey is done in the following ways:

  • First, it is evaluated whether you need anaesthesia and abrasion on your teeth.
  • Your teeth are prepared for the procedure. Typically, aesthetic dental treatments are performed by isolating the teeth with a medical method.
  • They are polymerized by attaching rough binding materials to your teeth, ensuring the connection between your tooth surface and filling materials.
  • Then, the bonding materials that completely match your tooth colour are selected and placed in your mouth in layers.
  • The final shaping of your teeth is done finely, and the process is finished with polish. The polishing stage is critical, and your teeth must be smooth so they don’t discolour. In some cases, bonding procedures may be preferred. In general, the aim here is to give a much more aesthetic smile.

Composite bonding advantages and disadvantages in Turkey

Composite bonding in Turkey offers you many benefits. It is a short-term and effortless treatment, its cost is extremely low, and its high success is just a few of them. If you are planning to buy composite bonding in Turkey, the advantages of this procedure are as follows:

  • Composite bonding cost is very affordable in Turkey.
  • A solution is provided quickly.
  • Unlike dental crowns or veneers, this procedure generally takes a single session.
  • Very little enamel is removed compared to crown or veneer procedures.
  • If this procedure isn’t preferred for shaping and filling teeth, anaesthesia isn’t required.
  • If there is a gap between your two teeth, the holes are closed without any intervention to the teeth.
  • It doesn’t require extensive recovery or care after the procedure. As long as you follow the most primary dental and oral care routine, you can fully recover within a few days after the process.
  • It is a painless dental procedure.

Disadvantages include:

  • Depending on the quality of the materials to be preferred, there may be staining. Therefore, the highest quality materials should be selected.

Composite bonding costs in Turkey

Composite bonding is one of the most effective cosmetic dental treatments for repairing deformation or discolouration on your teeth. If you work with our dentist specializing in this field, you can do wonders with your teeth with minimal materials and intervention! Composite bonding costs in Turkey, as in any case, vary according to the number of teeth applied and the materials to be preferred.

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