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Stains and cracks on the teeth are a common problem for many people. There are very effective treatments available to repair this problem. If you are looking for an aesthetic and beautiful smile, you are on the right page! 

Dental crowns are among the most effective solutions for stains and cracks. Turkey offers great options for dental crown treatment. Dental crowns in Turkey offer an excellent opportunity to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile!

Dental crowns are restorations made on teeth to restore their aesthetic and strength. Furthermore, these materials offer excellent protection against tooth breakage. Let us ask you a very important question! Do you find someone who has discoloured, cracked or missing teeth really attractive? Dental crowns in Turkey are an effective solution for a range of dental issues.

What Are Dental Crowns Made for?

Dental crowns are extremely necessary for the following conditions:

  • Making a Dental Bridge
  • To Protect Weak Teeth
  • Repair Heavily Worn or Broken Teeth
  • Insufficient Number of Teeth in the Mouth
  • Covering Teeth That Are Discoloured or Misshapen
  • Performing Dental Implantation

How Is the Dental Crown Procedure Performed in Turkey?

In general, you may need to visit your dentist several times for a dental crown in Turkey:

  • First, your teeth will be examined and prepared for the procedure. During your first session for a dental crown in Turkey, your dentist may request several X-rays to check the roots of your teeth. If your teeth are excessively decayed or if there is a risk of injury and infection in the pulp of your teeth, root canal treatment can be performed first.
  • Before starting the dental crown treatment in Turkey, your dentist will apply anaesthetic treatment to the surrounding teeth and gum tissue. After your teeth have been prepared, they are filled in and around the surface to create space for the crown. The amount to be extracted from your teeth will depend on the type of crown to be chosen. If your teeth have been affected by caries, your dentist will use a filling to create a tooth that can support crowns.
  • After the tooth shaping has been completed, your dentist will use a paste to assess the condition of the crowns that will be placed over your teeth. This procedure is also preferred to ensure that the crown does not adversely affect the bite of the upper and lower teeth.
  • The laboratory will then use the information obtained to produce the crown. During your first session, your dentist will create temporary crowns to protect your teeth. This process will result in the fabrication of permanent crowns. At the second session, the dentist removes the temporary crowns and checks the fit of the permanent crown. If all goes well, your teeth will be anaesthetised, and your permanent crowns will be fitted.

Dental Crown Costs in Turkey

Being the first address for dental crown procedure, Turkey offers very advantageous prices for this extensive medical procedure. One wonders why dental crowns are cheaper in Turkey. The most definite answer to this is the exchange rate difference, the cost of living and labor. Therefore, the dental crown cost in Turkey is relatively low for foreign patients. Turkey is definitely the first country that comes to mind when considering affordable dental crowns. Dental procedures and healthcare systems in Turkey are highly developed. Dentists contribute to their development both theoretically and practically by performing many procedures every day.

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