Teeth in A Day

In this procedure known as teeth in a day, we are talking about a significant development for dentistry! Because the teeth in a day procedure are fully compatible with your mouth structure, just like your natural teeth, in terms of both your bite function and aesthetic appearance.

Teeth in a day procedure have become much more functional, aesthetic, and functional with the technological developments that have emerged over time and the measurements that can be made in the digital sections. Thus, the durability of the teeth likewise increased. At the same time, the implant procedure is now completed even in one day. In other words, on the same day, both your implants are placed, and your teeth can be placed on implants. Also, with these convenient digital measurements and adjustments, all the steps that may be necessary for your implant treatment are carried out in just one day.

The central infrastructure of digital dentistry consists of technology-based devices and three-dimensional measurements. Thanks to this, all possible errors in your mouth measures are entirely eliminated. In this way, your treatment materials are prepared according to your mouth size. Thanks to the tooth forms designed in digital environments, you can have an idea about the appearance of your teeth after the treatment.

Thus, digital dentistry offers you the opportunity to rehearse the appearance of your teeth after treatment, just as if you were trying on an outfit. Your expectations are fully implemented in digital environments, and the result is achieved in this way.

How is Teeth in A Day Procedure Performed?

In the teeth in a day procedure, your implants are meticulously prepared according to the measurements taken from you. Then, smile aesthetics are also performed on your teeth, whose shape and color are determined in digital environments. After you decide with your dentist, your teeth are prepared with very detailed procedures in the laboratory environment. Immediately after your implants are placed, your teeth are placed on them. As you can see, different preparations are required for each stage of the aesthetic implant procedure.

Teeth in A Day Procedure Cost

The technological infrastructure must also be entirely appropriate for the teeth in a day procedure to be carried out comfortably. This feature will make it easier for you to complete a much more sensitive process with ease. However, this may slightly increase the cost of teeth in a day. Also, this increases the costs as your treatment will be answered on the same day to compensate for your teeth. As with all dental procedures, the cost of teeth in a day process can vary depending on location, dentist, clinic, or hospital and the condition of your teeth.

Is Teeth in A Day Suitable for Everyone?

If most or all of your natural teeth are missing, and your teeth need to be extracted due to advanced tooth decay or gum problem, the teeth in a day procedure are for you! You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about the teeth in a day procedure and talk to our experts.

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