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Today we will talk about fue hair transplant results. Before and after hair transplantation, images provide important clues for people who want hair transplantation. The topics that people interested in hair transplantation research the most are the results before hair transplantation and hair transplant prices. In this regard, there may be accurate informative results in the internet environment, and unfortunately, it is possible to reach many images that can mislead people. Hair transplant centers rightly want to deliver the best hair transplant results to people. However, according to the legislation in our country, publishing hair transplantation results openly on corporate websites results in legal sanctions. In this case, hair transplant forum sites where individuals freely share their results are enlightening for those who want to have a hair transplant.

When Are Hair Transplant Results Received?

In fact, the most difficult period of hair transplant recipients is the post-hair transplant period. Exactly 18 months must pass before the results of hair transplantation can be fully obtained. If we summarize the period after hair transplantation,

Shock spill begins in about 15-20 days
These lost hairs begin to grow within 4-5 months. The first hair is weak and lifeless.
In the 6th month, a result of approximately 50-60% occurs. This is the overall average. This rate can vary from person to person.
Hill region results may lag behind 1-2 months compared to the anterior regions.
In 7-8 months, the hair starts to thicken and increase in volume.
At the end of a year, a result of approximately 90-95% occurs.
It is necessary to wait for the 18th month for a 100% result.
Therefore, in order to fully evaluate the images before and after hair transplantation, it would be more accurate to evaluate the results with photographs periodically, month by month.Thus, we discussed the issue of fue hair transplant results.

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