How To Sleep After Hair Transplant?

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Many questions may come to your mind after the hair transplant procedure. How to sleep after a hair transplant? How many days can you lie on your back after a hair transplant? Does sleeping on your side harm your hair? All these questions will significantly increase the success of the hair transplant procedure. If you wonder how to sleep after a hair transplant, keep reading!

Your sleeping position after a hair transplant should be slightly different. You will also need to rest for a few days due to this procedure. Since the operation is performed on the back of your head and the area above your head, it is natural to wonder what the position of your body with your head should be while you sleep. After a hair transplant, you must sleep on your back. You will minimize the possibility of damaging your hair while sleeping on your back. You are more likely to damage your hair, as there will be a possibility of friction in other sleeping styles.

What Should Be the Sleeping Position After the Hair Transplant?

The recovery period after a hair transplant covers an extended period. You will not have new hair instantly after the procedure. It takes an average of a few weeks for your already transferred hair to hold. You should be very careful during this process, especially when you sleep. You should show a different sensitivity. As soon as the hair transplant procedure is finished, you will be sent home. Especially on the first night, you should pay attention to your sleeping position. Since your hair isn’t yet attached, your hair may be damaged if the problem area comes into contact with the pillow. The first night after the procedure, don’t sleep in a bed. Put two pillows behind your back to sleep if you must sleep in a bed. Even if you sleep on your back after a hair transplant, swelling may occur if you sleep in a fully reclined position. It will be healthier for you to spend the first night on a light sofa. If this isn’t possible, place two pillows behind your back and sleep at a 45-degree angle.

Is It Possible To Lie On Its Side During Sleep After Hair Transplant?

Your transferred hair follicles should not suffer any impact, as we mentioned above. However, to avoid and prevent oedema that may occur in your face and head area, it isn’t recommended to rest or sleep on your side during sleep after a hair transplant. Compliance with the recommendations is essential for your health and aesthetic appearance. After ten days of the sensitive process, you can sleep on your side if your doctor approves, but you should be careful not to damage the transplanted hair follicles.

Sleeping Positions After Hair Transplant

We emphasized that the first ten days after the operation are very important. Attention should be paid to sleeping after a hair transplant for about ten days. However, the person who knows you best is your surgeon. Therefore, you should consider your surgeon’s recommendations. It is recommended to lie in a slightly upright position with a pillow on your back during these ten days. It is essential to sleep or rest in this position not to damage the hair follicles and relieve oedema in the face and head area.

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