What’s Fue Hair Transplant

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It is a technique of hair transplantation performed without the use of the surgical intervention. Each strand of hair is taken individually and transplanted to areas where there is no hair or where there is sparseness. If the hair strands to be transplanted are long, they are cut up to 1 mm in size. After local anesthesia is applied, the area to be taken is numbed. The micro-motor ends are brought closer to the middle of the hair strand, dipped into the hair root, and removed. In this process, since the follicles and microscopic tissues where the hair follicle and root are located are removed, the output is realized when the transplant is transplanted into the area. If the hair root and hair root tissue are not removed, it cannot come out again.


Fue hair transplantation has been widely preferred recently. Because it provides many innovations and convenience compared to older methods, it is preferred more in contrast to the past methods because it allows faster recovery of the person treated. After all, the person’s scalp is not cut. Thus, the area where hair transplantation is performed is not stitched, and stitch marks are eliminated. Since the recovery time is shortened, it is faster to achieve a natural appearance. Therefore the Fue method is preferred.

What’s fue hair transplant? In this article, we talked about the FUE technique, one of the hair transplant techniques, and why it is preferred. This technique, which is frequently encountered by people who will have hair transplantation, is quite advanced, and it is a technique you should use with your doctor’s approval.

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