Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

With hair transplant correction surgery, your hair can regain its former health. A poorly performed hair transplant can bring many problems with it. While performing a hair transplant on your scalp for the first time is extremely easy, performing a second hair transplant on a badly treated scalp requires high skill and experience. However, our experienced surgeons can quickly repair your failed hair transplant. If your hair transplant was done incorrectly, keep reading!

An unsuccessful hair transplant procedure brings with it many problems. However, if the second operation, called revision hair transplant, is performed successfully, your previous faulty methods can be easily treated.

Healing a failed hair transplant operation requires more experience as it is much more complex than performing the procedure for the first time. Our experts in hair transplant repair may face many challenges. Therefore, your first important step is to find a quality clinic. If your hair has been damaged, there are ways to repair the faulty hair transplant procedure. For this, our experts can easily make repairs.

How is the Hair Transplant Failed?

You don’t need to be an expert in this field to notice the faulty hair transplant process. You can easily understand it with a little closer inspection. It is essential to make a unique design and apply it correctly in the hair transplant procedure. Otherwise, it isn’t possible to achieve a natural look. Situations that indicate that the hair transplant operation was performed incorrectly are as follows:

  • Opening the channels vertically without calculating the degree of inclination and transferring your hair follicles to these vertically opened channels gives you a bad image.
  • If your hair is sparse in the transferred area, it will also fail.
  • It’s also a mistake to have your forehead line behind or ahead of what it should be because the design of your front hairline isn’t adhered to or the design of your front hairline isn’t done.
  • Taking more hair follicles from your donor area and leaving this area sparse indicates a failed hair transplant.
  • The appearance of hair caused by not transferring your hair follicles according to the correct direction of growth and scattering in each different direction is also a critical mistake.
  • It’s also considered unsuccessful if your channels, caused by the wide opening of your channels and not wholly closed, form hollow-looking structures in your head.
  • Forming permanent scars in your donor area in the hair transplant Turkey procedure performed with the FUT method is also a big mistake.

How to Fix Failed Hair Transplant?

It can be a little challenging to fix your failed hair transplant. However, our experienced surgeon can easily prevent any negative results and prevent bad hair transplant results. If you consider a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you must first send your current hair photos to our surgeon. After this step, our surgeon plans a special operation for you.

The general reasons for a failed hair transplant operation may be incorrect graft use, inadequate post-operative care, or your doctor’s inexperience. How you take care of your newly transferred hair after the process is as necessary as the operation. It is essential to pay attention to the care of your scalp and what to do after a hair transplant. Otherwise, scars will form on your scalp, and your transferred grafts may not come out again.

You can contact us immediately for hair transplant correction surgery and talk directly to our experienced surgeons.

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