Mono Medical Journey of Mia Sand (missmiafit)

Famous Danish fitness model Mia visited Clinic Mono for her liposuction operation in 2020; being admired by her followers for her amazing body and lifestyle, Mia was very excited for her surgery when she arrived. She found the communication with her doctor very convenient, “The doctor was very kind and very sweet; he was also very easy to talk to. None of us overheard the other one; he was a very good listener.”

Mia has stayed at Mono Aftercare Villa after her operation and has become a part of Mono family, “There is always someone at the villa to greet you and there is always someone you can talk to. They take care of you and they know everything you don’t know. The beds are very comfortable, you have your own bathroom, everything is very private. But you can also be a part of the Villa; if you need someone to talk to, there is always someone present and they are willing to listen to you.”

Mia’s whole medical experience at Clinic Mono was very comfortable and enjoyable for her; Mia got back to her country by feeling very good after all her check-ups are done.

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