Mono Journey of Carla Howe & Melissa Howe

Beautiful model from UK Carla Howe is also one of the famous names who visited Clinic Mono for a plastic surgery; Carla Howe had a very successful rhinoplasty procedure at Clinic Mono in 2019.

Howe said though she was skeptical about travelling another country for a medical procedure at first, “But then I went through the reviews and spoke to other models who have been at the clinic as well; they have assured me they’ve had amazing results.”

Carla Howe also mentioned about the importance of a plastic surgery for people being in the spotlight all the time, “in my industry everything is focused on beauty and aesthetics; I knew I had to make the right decision before coming here for that reason alone because my work focuses the way I look.”

Being very satisfied with the surgery, her surgeon and the medical services, Howe said, “My doctor has the right idea for what I’m looking for; I am excited for the after results. From the minute I’ve arrived and had my consultation, the doctor knew straight away what it was that I had in mind for my nose and he knew the look that exactly I was looking for. Everything has been amazing.”

Carla Howe stayed in the Mono Aftercare Villa during her rhinoplasty journey at Clinic Mono, “The Villa has been amazing as well; there is always someone there to help you if you have any question or need help with anything. There is other English people who I met here; a lot of people might be worried about coming somewhere foreign outside of England but there is a lot of English people here and it’s very safe, everyone here is helpful.”

After her visit, her sister Melissa Howe also visited the clinic for double chin and waist liposuction at the end of 2019; Melissa Howe said “it’s not just about the surgery but it is the aftercare which is very important and it’s been very good above and beyond.” Melissa’s procedures at Clinic Mono was very smooth and successful; she said she would definitely be coming back to Clinic Mono.

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