Mono Journey of Dream Boys/ Jordan Darrell

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Jordan Darrell, creative director and the choreographer of Dream Boys, had hair transplant and dental treatment at Clinic Mono in 2020.

For his position as a choreographer and performer, Jordan Darrell is a name who is closely followed and admired by his high number of fans; talking about the medical experience he had in Clinic Mono, Darrell mentioned the importance of this hair transplant operation for his business, “as a man, as I’m 35 and I had massive receding hairline for my industry for my business, for taking pictures and everything, I was not happy.”

Jordan Darrell’s hair transplant journey with Clinic Mono started with necessary blood tests for the operation; until the day of his operation, Jason spent time in Mono Aftercare Villa by enjoying the pool and his comfortable room.

On the day of Darrell’s hair transplant, he was very comfortable and stress-free; he and his doctor planned the surgery together by drawing on his head. His hair transplant was performed with 3500 grafts by using the advanced FUE hair transplant technique; the operation took around 4 hours.

Having also teeth whitening along with his hair transplant operation Jason Darrell was very happy with his overall medical experience with Clinic Mono.

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