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When you hear the name, Denise Richards, probably one of the first things that come to mind for you is the breast augmentation surgery performed by the famous star. Breast surgery is perhaps one of the plastic surgery procedures most frequently used by favourite stars. However, after this procedure, not everyone may be satisfied with the result of the process. Many famous stars may have repeated the system many times, as they could not get the desired result after the procedure. One of these celebrities is Denise Richards!

At first, Denise was in no way satisfied with the size of her breasts. That’s why she wanted to improve her breasts. However, Denise was by no means happy with the result, as her surgeon did more during the procedure than the famous star had desired. In this post, we will take a closer look at Denise Richards’ plastic surgery journey; keep reading!

Who is Denise Richards?

On February 17, 1971, Richards was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. Her real name is Denise Lee Richards. Her mother, Joni Richards, passed away in 2007 from kidney cancer. Her father, Irv Richards, is a telephone repairman. She has a sister named Michelle Richards. She was a quiet and shy child in her youth. Denise was also in love with John Travolta in her teenage years. After completing high school, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a model.

Denise Richards, who also evaluated acting offers during her modelling years, met with the audience in minor roles in a few productions and then began to act in various TV series. The famous actor, who attracted attention with her role in a big-budget movie made in 1997, continued her success in the film in the following years and became a famous actor. 

Denise married film actress Charlie Sheen on June 15, 2002. Denise divorced on April 19, 2006. They have children named Sam J. Sheen (b. 2004), Lola Rose Sheen (b. 2005), and Eloise Joni Richards. She adopted her daughter, named Eloise Joni Richards, in June 2011.

Denise Richards’ Plastic Surgery Journey

Denise Richards’ first plastic surgery journey that comes to mind is definitely the breast augmentation procedure. The famous actress didn’t have a breast procedure only once; she applied for this procedure several times. Denise Richards has become one of the celebrities who repeatedly resorted to this procedure because she was not satisfied with the result of breast augmentation.

At first, she began to think that her breasts were much more significant than she desired, and the surgeon also made her more important than the famous star had imagined. After considering another procedure, Denise went through several more breast augmentation procedures to finally get the body she wanted. Denise Richards said that her breasts were tiny before her breast augmentation procedure. The new breasts of the famous actress look much more beautiful.

Denise Richards’ plastic surgery journey didn’t end there. Although her fans thought that the famous star resorted to many different plastic surgeries, Denise denied it. In an interview with a magazine, Denise said that she only tried Botox and never did anything again.

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