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Anna Kendrick is a famous American actress and vocalist who gained prominence for her roles. Standing out in drama, comedy and romance genres, Anna Kendrick became highly recognized around the world. When Anna Kendrick started to rise rapidly in her business, she ultimately attracted attention with her striking appearance and many different products that complemented her charming eyes. Similarly, the star player’s fans have rumored that she underwent to plastic surgery procedures for her physical development.

A number of fans have said that the famous actress has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures to strengthen her body and facial features. The most notable of these is the rumored breast augmentation procedure. In addition to this, there have been news about butt lifts and Rhinoplasty

So, how accurate are these claims? Here is Anna Kendrick’s plastic surgery journey:

Anna Kendrick Before & After

Who Is Anna Kendrick?

On August 9, 1985, Anna Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine. The beautiful actress, who started to act in the theatre when she was only 12, is impressed with her talents and has won many awards for her perfect performance. Anna Kendrick, who again took her place on television with the movie Camp in 2003, also began to rise rapidly in her career with her role in the movie Twilight, in which the main character Bella gave life to her best friend, Jessica Stanley. Thus, the film also became a great success at the box office. Anna Kendrick currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and is romantically involved with Ben Richardson.

Anna Kendrick’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Before you examine Anna Kendrick’s plastic surgery journey in detail, you should prioritize the profession of the famous star. Many popular celebrities are known for undergoing plastic surgery. One of them is Anna Kendrick. While there is no clear information about the specific procedures she may have undergone, the before and after photos provide insight. Based on these images, here are the methods that Anna Kendrick is likely to undergo during her plastic surgery journey:

Breast augmentation: Anna has recently admitted to wanting to have complete and erect breasts. This may be the real reason why Anna Kendrick’s breasts seem to get bigger as she ages! It is therefore likely that the famous star has undergone a breast augmentation procedure.

Rhinoplasty (nose job): Anna’s gorgeous nose can clearly shows that the famous star has applied for rhinoplasty. However, the famous star categorically denies the Rhinoplasty gossip.

Hollywood smile: Anna Kendrick definitely had terrible teeth in her teenage years. If you look at old photos of the famous star, you can see that her teeth are irregular and coloured. However, the famous actress most likely resorted to the Hollywood smile procedure.

Eyelid aesthetics: Anna’s eyes are strikingly blue in colour and have a distinctive appearance. The famous star’s eyes make it one of her best topographies. However, there is no clear evidence that Anna applied for eyelid surgery.

Despite the lack of evidence to suggest that Anna Kendrick has undergone any plastic surgery procedures, it is our opinion that she may have taken a few. The famous actress’s physical transformation over the years can be attributed to genetic factors, extraordinary style and perfect makeup.

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