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Victoria Beckham‘s incredible change brought great speculation right after she married David Beckham. Victoria Beckham‘s physical appearance has definitely changed over the years. However, Victoria never admitted that she ever went under the knife until she reached a certain age. In an interview she gave to a platform recently, she said that a cosmetic procedure didn’t tempt her, but anything could happen.

Victoria Beckham says, ‘These procedures help me feel much better, and in some cases, people need them. I accept myself exactly as I am, and I am the best without changing too much.”

Although she completely denied having plastic surgery, social media users compared old and new photos of her. According to this comparison, it was clear that Victoria had undergone many different plastic surgery operations.

Who is Victoria Beckham?

She rose to fame as a member of the Spice Girls in the 1990s. She was nicknamed Posh Spice. She is also known as an actress and an essential singer, television personality, and fashion designer. Spice Girl was the top-selling female group worldwide. This vital group’s album sold a record over 100 million copies worldwide. After the Spice Girls disbanded, Victoria started working with Virgin Records. Thus, she released her solo album and took the stage in different countries.

Victoria Beckham has also participated in many TV shows and shows. After all these adventures, she discovered the fashion that made her very happy. Victoria has become incredibly famous around the world in the fashion industry. She met the world-famous football player David Beckham in 1997. Thus, the couple became one of the most glamorous couples in both the UK and the world, and they got married only in the second period of their relationship.

Victoria Beckham’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Victoria Beckham was one of the celebrities who essentially hid her plastic surgery procedures from the media. Let’s take a look at Victoria Beckham’s plastic surgery journey:

Nose job (Rhinoplasty): Victoria Beckham had the latest technique, filled Rhinoplasty, on her nose. When we compare Victoria Beckham’s new and old photos, there are minor changes in her nose. However, it can also be much narrower due to its perfect contour and makeup. We now know that she had Rhinoplasty, albeit with minor changes.

Lip filling: Victoria Beckham has expertly filled in her cheeks and lips. She gave minimal volume to her lips; she started looking natural and much younger. Everyone knows that Victoria Beckham’s lips are much fuller than in previous years. She’s clearly got filler injected into her lips! Lips get thinner with age, but Victoria’s lips look much fuller.

Breast Surgery: We use this procedure, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, for breast augmentation. Women who have had breast surgery, on the other hand, feel much more confident and happy. Victoria Beckham hasn’t made any public statements to the media since she had her breast surgery procedure. A few years ago, she gave a short interview and admitted that she deeply regretted getting involved in breast surgery. As we mentioned in previous passages, Victoria Beckham denied having any plastic surgery procedures but later realized it. Still, it was apparent she had a breast augmentation comparison of her new and old photos. Her breasts are now much more prominent and rounder.

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