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Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest daughter of the Kardashian family, has become increasingly attractive over the years. This fascinating beauty review shows us that reverse ageing is now possible! With her impressive beauty, it is evident that she is able to rid herself of her spots with her younger sisters. Kourtney Kardashian is known for her perfect physique and neutral appearance. Kourtney, who has three children, is a reality star and boss. While these attributes may be tiring for Kourtney Kardashian, her charm is always the same. Does she owe her charm to her unique genes, or do the miracles of plastic surgery help her? Let’s see together!

Who Is Kourtney Kardashian?

Kourtney Kardashian is a reality star and socialite. Born on April 18, 1979, in California, Kourtney Kardashian is the eldest daughter of well-known lawyers Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Her siblings are Kim Kardashian West, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian. Among her siblings, Kourtney Kardashian is the only one who has a bachelor’s degree.

Kourtney Kardashian Before & After

Kourtney Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery Journey

As the latest trends in beauty have started to change over the years, Kourtney Kardashian has wanted to align her appearance with these trends. She maintains a healthy diet and engages in regular exercise. Additionally, she utilizes natural cosmetic products. However, it is evident that she has also undergone plastic surgery. Kourtney Kardashian has been featured on television since 2006, and her plastic surgery journey has been a topic of interest. Many women today describe her full body and slim waist as dreamy bodies. However, it is widely acknowledged that this dream body cannot be achieved by exercising alone. So, what is the secret of this television star? Here is Kourtney Kardashian’s plastic surgery journey:

Breast Implant

Breast enhancement surgery, or in other words, “boob job“, is the right medical procedure for those who are looking for a larger breast area and a better posture for their body, which brings along a more feminine aura. Kardashian has confirmed that she has undergone breast augmentation surgery. It has been observed that Kourtney has undergone a change in the size and shape of her breasts through the use of breast implants.

Butt Lift

A Butt lift is a very popular medical procedure in which excess body fat is extracted from various regions of your body, such as the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs, and then transferred to the buttocks to improve and enhance their shape and volume. This cosmetic surgery is highly favoured due to its procedural ease and the consistently successful results it produces. Kourtney Kardashian underwent a butt lift procedure, as did the majority of the Kardashian family.

Chin Botox

Botox is a cosmetic injection for rejuvenation that is performed by using botulinum toxin to paralyze muscles in the target area to prevent aging effects like wrinkles and lines. Botox is the most popular rejuvenation cosmetic procedure that is commonly performed all around the world. Botox injection is an outpatient procedure that is very quick and comfortable and does not have a recovery process. Kourtney Kardashian’s chin look is constantly changing. She may have undergone Botox injections to fill both sides of her chin.

Eyelid Aesthetic

Eyelid surgery, medically known as “blepharoplasty” or more commonly known as “eye lift”, is a surgical procedure performed to repair deformed upper and lower eyelids. In the early days, Kourtney Kardashian had a prominent droopy eyelid. Subsequently, we observed that the eyelids had been elevated. The primary reason for this situation is aesthetic considerations related to the eyelids.

Chin Filler

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances containing hyaluronic acid and collagens that are injected under the skin to address lines, wrinkles, folds, and hollows in the facial area. Common areas treated with dermal filler injections include nasolabial folds, smile lines, deflated lips, hollows under the eyes, thin cheeks, chin, and inconspicuous jawlines. Kourtney’s jawline has become more prominent in recent times. This is largely due to the use of chin fillers.

Lip Augmentation

Lip injections procedure is the right medical procedure for those who would like augmentation for their lips area but do not want to have a surgical process. Lip fillers are the easiest, painless, and the most popular non-surgical treatment option. It is notable that almost all women in the Kardashian family have undergone lip augmentation procedures to achieve fuller lips.


A Liposuction operation is a surgical procedure designed to reduce body fat by targeting specific areas for removal. It is not considered a weight loss method but rather a form of plastic surgery aimed at removing fat deposited in some areas that are difficult to eliminate with exercise and diet. Another treatment method that the Kardashian family has constantly done is the liposuction procedure. They became known for their curvy hips and slim waist. Kourtney Kardashian is also an excellent example of this body type.


A rhinoplasty (nose job) is a surgery that deals with the shape of the nose as well as, in some cases, breathing issues simultaneously. In her younger years, Kourtney Kardashian’s nose was noticeably wider. However, the shape subsequently underwent a complete transformation. This change was the result of a nose job, also known as Rhinoplasty.

Nasolabial Filling

As individuals age, the lines between the corners of the mouth and the nose become increasingly visible. Patients may wish to consider the use of nasolabial fillers to address this issue. Dermal fillers are used in this procedure to provide and a high volume of volume to the desired are. Furthermore, these injections can provide a refreshed appearance to the face. Kourtney Kardashian is one of the stars who underwent nasolabial fillings. 

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