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Kelly Rowland, whom we know as a highly talented singer, actress and writer, is known for having a Rhinoplasty at the very beginning of her career. Kelly made a shocking statement for us, admitting that she had undergone plastic surgery. According to Kelly Rowland’s before and after plastic surgery images, there are some visible changes in the famous star’s chest and face areas, such as the possibility of Botox and breast implants. The appearance of her breasts now looks much fuller and more prominent than before. Similarly, her face is so smooth that there are no signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin.

Who is Kelly Rowland?

Kelly Rowland was born in 1981 to Christopher Lovett and Doris Rowland Garrison. Since her father was addicted to alcohol, her mother left the house, taking Kelly with her. After this process, Kelly began to be recognised at a young age by taking part in many shows.

Kelly Rowland’s Plastic Surgery Journey

There are a lot of rumours about Kelly Rowland’s plastic surgery process. In an interview with a famous magazine, it was revealed that Beyonce had to wait ten years for breast augmentation alone, as her mother never wanted Kelly to have surgery. Here is Kelly Rowland’s plastic surgery process:

Breast implants

The breast implant procedure, also known as breast augmentation, is preferred for rapid weight loss or to restore the level of breasts you lose immediately after pregnancy. This procedure is also chosen to achieve a much rounder breast ratio or to improve breast asymmetry. Kelly Rowland decided to have breast implants when she was just 18 years old. However, Beyonce’s mother said that the famous star should not have done this procedure yet and waited for a while. Kelly Rowland waited almost ten years on this promise and decided to have the process when she was 28 years old. As Kelly said, she was not at all happy with the breast nature had given her. Breasts after breast augmentation procedure. It has become much fuller and rounder.


After all the rumours, Kelly Rowland opted for the Rhinoplasty procedure. She completely changed her nose to have a much more impressive appearance and facial symmetry. When you look carefully at the before and after photos of Kelly Rowland, you will realise that the surgeon made a micro correction on the left side of her nose. Many famous stars wouldn’t admit to having undergone plastic surgery procedures, but Kelly had decided not to keep it a secret. She realised that she had not only Rhinoplasty but also breast surgery. When many people asked the famous star why she had the operation, Kelly said she had made this change entirely for herself, not for anyone else. Kelly seems highly pleased with the changes she’s made. The results pleased Kelly immensely.

Skin bleaching

She had Kelly Rowland’s skin whitening procedure done. The skin whitening procedure is necessary and has become much more prevalent among many African American celebrities. Recently, some people have said that Kelly has whitened her skin. Some fans suggested a natural seasonal change in skin tone.

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