USA Implant Izmir

USA implant Izmir options provide solutions to aesthetic and functional problems caused by missing teeth. Implant, which is one of the commonly used treatments for re-functioning missing teeth, can be applied without damaging healthy teeth. Implant procedures, which provide much more successful results compared to other dental treatments, are performed by our experienced dentists. USA Implant Izmir  You can apply for treatments with high success rate by choosing USA implants, which are advantageous in terms of durability and comfortable procedure.

USA Implant Brands

USA implant brands allow the post-operative recovery process to progress much faster. Implant systems designed with USA quality and reliability meet the expectations in functional or visual terms. Implants that have been tested under health measures have proven their reliability. USA implants, which are compatible with dental tissues, are very advantageous in terms of ease of procedure and durability. USA implants can be trusted for high efficiency and satisfaction.

AlphaBio Implant


AlphaBio implant, a US-based brand, is at the forefront of being technologically advanced and allowing professional procedures. Manufactured using robust and high quality raw materials, AlphaBio has given very high results in evaluations made in terms of patient satisfaction. AlphaBio implant, Zirconium Dental İzmir which has become one of the world-renowned brands, provides a great advantage by shortening the healing process and having a nanotec coating. It is accepted by the patient’s body quickly and it produces satisfactory results in terms of product quality.

Keystone Implant

The Keystone implant, which has been widely used since 2006, has been designed considering different bone and jaw structures. Keystone implant, which provides advantages in terms of design and use, enables successful procedures thanks to its quality. In order for dental procedures to be successful, Zirconium Dental Cost Turkey implant selection should be made meticulously and qualified brands should be selected. The USA implant Izmir procedures are frequently preferred in the dental sector due to the quality of the raw materials and their comfort in terms of applicability.

Implant Brands

Many factors should be considered when choosing implant brands. Implant procedures that will not cause problems for a long time can be achieved by choosing reliable and quality brands. Although USA made implants are accepted by dentists, they include brands that do not hinder clinical follow-up. Dental Implant Turkey Reassuring implant treatments can be performed with implants manufactured using the latest technologies. By contacting our dental clinic in Izmir, you can get evaluations specific to your situation and benefit from the implant procedures we will perform with quality brands as soon as possible.

Implant Prices


Implant prices vary depending on the preferred brand. The form of the implants and the quality of the materials used affect the determination of prices. Situations like missing teeth, how many implants will be used, etc. are effective in treatment fees. In order to get clear information about implant brands and prices, you can get information from our dental clinic, which serves with competent dentists in Izmir. You can benefit from the USA implant İzmir facilities with high quality and price balance.


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