Turkey Dental Implants

Turkey Dental Implants

For Turkey dental implant treatments, our clinic performs very successful procedures. Thanks to dental implants, many of our patients have implants that perform their dental functions very well as well as obtaining a wonderful smile than before. Dental Implants Turkey, Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics, Gummy Smile Treatment, Root Canal Treatments, Dental Fillings,Turkey, Izmir dental clinic. This application, which has a natural appearance, looks seriously indistinguishable from natural teeth when viewed from the outside. [caption id="attachment_4900" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey, Check Prices & Reviews Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey, Check Prices & Reviews[/caption] Thanks to these features, all kinds of shape adjustments are made in accordance with the expectations and demands of the person. However, in order to have implant treatment, the presence of support tissues that will support the implant is required. Turkey dental implant For this reason, when you experience tooth loss, you should be examined by a dentist without wasting time to have implant treatment. In time, the tissues expected to support the implant may melt. When the chin part is flattened and there is no socket, implants cannot be performed for the person. [gallery size="medium" ids="3519,3518,3517" orderby="rand"] In this case, jaw surgery treatment is recommended for people who want to have implants. Thanks to the support tissues created during the surgery, implant treatment can be applied afterwards.

Anterior Dental Implant

One of the body parts that make the first impression when we smile is our teeth. In situations such as talking, smiling, laughter, a problem with our teeth can harm our self-esteem. [gallery columns="4" size="medium" ids="5350,5349,5348,5347,5346,5345,5344,5343,5342,5341,5340,5339,5338,5337,5336,5335,5334,5333,5332,5331"] In this case, with anterior dental implant treatment, it is possible to obtain a new aesthetic appearance that appeals to the eyes by eliminating the shape problems of people‘s teeth. Dental Implant Turkey In addition, anterior dental implant treatment may be recommended if it is not possible to complete the missing part of the tooth in large-scale fractures in the anterior teeth as a result of trauma.

How Is Dental Implant Performed?

Dental implant treatment is a very common procedure of dentistry. Best implant Turkey The reason for this is that the procedure is preferred not only in terms of dental health but also in terms of aesthetics. So, how are dental implants performed?
  • During the dental implant procedure, the intraoral tissues of the person are examined first. The tissues that will support the implant and the presence of nests are checked.
  • If these structures are not available, first of all, another treatment is provided to create the supportive tissues of the person.
  • If the person is not too late for the treatment, these tissues generally survive. If there is no deficiency in the tissues of the person, then the mold is created for the teeth to be treated.
  • Afterwards, your dentist will explain which types of implants are available in the market, their costs, and what quality of these implants.
  • According to these explanations, you can decide on your implant brand yourself. Likewise, you can tell your dentist how you want your teeth to be shaped (especially for the front teeth).
  • Your orders for the brand you choose in accordance with your expectations are given by your doctor.
  • Then your implant is placed in its place.

Implant Tooth Appearance

Implant tooth appearance is extremely natural. It looks like a real tooth. This is why it is so in demand. Veneers in Turkey In addition, contrary to what is supposed, it does not cause any problems in taste and will be permanent for a lifetime when well maintained. For its maintenance, an oral care is recommended as it is applied to natural teeth; such as regular brushing and flossing.