Swiss Turkey Implant

Whether an implant treatment or another treatment is necessary, the goal is always to save your natural teeth as much as possible and keep them in the mouth.

For this purpose, if there is no need for a serious damage to tooth, dentists prefer not to perform tooth extraction.

However, if you have lost any of your teeth as a result of serious problems or if there is another special situation for you, then your implant treatment will be planned.

One of the treatments used in our country in this regard is the Swiss implant used in Turkey clinics.

Dental implants, which are specially from this country, Swiss Turkey Implant  are often preferred in treatments due to their quality structure.

Swiss Implant

With the Swiss implant, you can have great and very high quality dental prostheses. They are of a quality that will promise a lifetime of permanence when you do their care carefully.

For this reason, Swiss Implant Izmir it should not be considered as a temporary solution or that it will cause problems after a while.

However, when dental care is neglected, just like natural teeth, your dental implants will cause problems regardless of the brand and quality.

For this reason, you should not neglect to brush your teeth and implants regularly and floss regularly.

Swiss Implant Brands

Upon a choice between Swiss implant brands, your dental implant treatment can be planned. Dental Implant Turkey According to this planning, the process of your dental implant procedure is designed and your sessions are started accordingly.

First of all, Smile design Turkey your orders will be given to the brand first after design plans are made. A smile design plan is drawn over the shape and modeling according to your needs and wishes.

Afterwards, your order is created according to this plan and then your implants are expected to arrive your clinic.

Swiss Implant

During your Swiss implant treatment process, the prosthetic teeth that reach your clinic are rehearsed first. It is checked whether they are suitable or not.

Afterwards, the screws are placed in their places and the coming of the prostheses is expected or rearranged.

When they are delivered to the clinic in accordance with the patient’s dental structure, they are attached directly.

12-15 screw placement operation can be done in a day. However, if you have fear or anxiety, then a smaller number of it can be placed, more slowly.

These situations are completely planned between you and your dentist. You can plan your plans and thoughts about all kinds of situations by talking together.

Swiss Implant Prices

After discussing all kinds of situations regarding your orders, it is decided together with what the Swiss implant prices will be.

Your dentist will not leave you alone and will give you detailed information about any treatment or payment-related issue.

After this plan, you can easily reach the treatment you want without any problems related to your budget. You can create your appointment by calling our clinic right away and share all other situations with your dentist.


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