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Collaboration with us, get your commission!


To be able to become a membership, the applicant fills out a registration form which located at the page. Thus, one of our colleague will reach you shortly to complete your membership. Subsequently, member will have a link and special discount code which enables his referrals to gain 20% off. Therefore, by sharing link through Instagram and other social media channels (e.g. “Use my code get 20% off!“) your referrals will have a right 20% off discount through all medical treatments.

Once the referral patient is booked treatment, the member qualifies for a referral commission. Commission payments are sent every month to the member email account in the form of e-vouchers.

– Free Membership: Sign up in the system for free.
No giving effort to earn: System provides the opportunity to make a gain without extra effort
E-mail Notifications: Once the referral patient is booked treatment, member will have E-mail notification which provides transparency.

  • Craig, bartender from Amsterdam, made €1200 revenue by referring dentistry patients to Mono.
  • Liam, hairdresser from Manchester, made £1,700 revenue by referring hair transplant patients to Mono.
  • Helena, a beauty clinic owner from London, made £900 revenue by referring new cosmetic surgery patients to Mono.

Charles Peart just joined the program 2 months ago and he has referred several patients to Clinic Mono and earned £700!

“I really had a great experience with the Mono staff. Had my teeth done with these guys very friendly and helpful. I got information about the referral program and they contacted me explaining every details. It is very simple to be member and I earned £700 already.

If you have already large relatives or friends, taking advantage of the system is the reasonable idea you will ever hear, I am glad about the payments giving a great financial contribution.

Clinic Mono is a dynamic and strong company, with service on top, was a high quality experience. I would 100% choose them again for any future surgery I may decide to have!”