Katie Price Plastic Surgery

Katie Price would be at the top of the list of celebrities who have had the most plastic surgery in show business. Kaite Price, who has been recently renewing her image from head to toe as plastic surgery in Turkey, also published the uncensored video she took during the facelift operation. 

Fans of the famous star are also watching those moments comfortably. For a certain fee, of course! In this post, we will examine Katie Price’s plastic surgery journey. Keep reading!

Who is Katie Price?

Katie Price, whose full name is Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield, was born on May 22, 1978, in Brighton, England. She was known as Jordan for a while. Her father’s leaving home when she was only four years old left a lasting impression on her. At 18, she left home, not accepting her stepfather after her mother married. The ‘Sun’ newspaper looked for topless models, and Katie Price posed topless for the newspaper. Thanks to this, Price, who became famous, became seen in the celebrity community.

Her relationship with the famous British singer Dane Bowers increased her popularity. The scandalous tape, which appeared after the separation and included the couple’s private moments, continued to add fame to Katie Price. 

She became pregnant with world-famous football player Dwight Yorke, who played for Manchester United in 2002. Despite her separation from Yorke, she gave birth to her child. Her first child, Harvey, was born visually impaired. Katie Price, who later gave birth to 4 more, is now a mother of 5 children.

Katie Price’s Plastic Surgery Journey

TV star and model Katie Price, who had her first plastic surgery at the age of 17 and went under the knife many times, had gone to Turkey in the past months and had a series of plastic surgery procedures. Price had gone under the knife for several operations, including facelift and eyelid surgery, buttock lift and liposuction. She even shared the images taken during and after those operations on her social media accounts.


Katie Price, who doesn’t even remember exactly how many plastic surgery she has had over the years, doesn’t hide her fondness for this subject. She denies the dependent allegations made against her. “I’m not an aesthetic junkie, I don’t want to be seen as such,” says Price.

This aesthetic fondness of Katie Price was also criticized by her ex-wife Kieran Hayler. Hayler, who has two children, 7-year-old Jett and 6-year-old Bunny, from her marriage to Price, argued that “seeing their mother in recovery after those plastic surgeries is a difficult situation for the little ones”.


Despite the pandemic, Katie Price, who went to Turkey and had a plastic surgery procedure last year, has turned her route to Turkey again. Price, also known as Jordan, chose plastic surgery for five different interventions. 

When Katie Price gained weight because she couldn’t move enough, she came to Turkey again to find a solution to this issue, namely to have fat removed. Price really knows no bounds when it comes to aesthetics. The star also published the video and photos taken during the facelift a few years ago. Price recently announced in a social media post that she is very pleased with the plastic surgery procedures in Turkey.

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