İzmir Dental Implant Surgery

İzmir Dental Implant Surgery

Dentists who have performed many procedures on dental implant surgery in İzmir know that the procedure is highly preferred by patients for the most successful results. Dental implants are the closest treatments to natural teeth. Thanks to them, smile aesthetic treatments are frequently performed. As a result, patients become better able to do activities such as eating, consuming cold and hot drinks, talking and laughing as close to their natural teeth. When evaluated in this respect, it can be said that this procedure significantly improves the quality of life of people.

How Is Implant Surgery Performed?

One of the most curious questions about dental implant surgery in Izmir before the procedure is how is implant surgery performed? How does the procedure go?
  • It is important to evaluate the pre-op period first. Accordingly, some patients can start the treatment directly, İzmir Dental Implant Surgery while some patients require surgical procedure beforehand.
  • Afterwards, in the presence of supporting tissues, local anesthesia is given to the patient first. In this way, patients do not feel anything during the procedure. Neither pain nor discomfort will be felt.
  • A special device is used to create the spots in which the screws will be placed after adequate numbness is achieved.
  • Screws are placed after the holes are opened. Implants are placed on the screws.
After the procedure, it is necessary to wait for a period varying from patient to patient (depending on the healing rate) between 2 months and 6 months. Afterwards, implants can be used without any problems. Implant Treatment in Turkey If they are maintained carefully and without neglect, they are permanent for a lifetime.

What Should I Do After Implant Surgery?

If you wonder what you should do after implant surgery, you should know that this period is very important.
  • It is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything during the first 2 hours after the application.
  • Excessively hot foods and drinks should not be consumed for the next 24 hours.
  • It is important to avoid smoking and alcohol as they may cause delayed recovery in the operation area.
  • In this process, only soft foods and cold drinks should be consumed for the first 7 days.
If you pay attention to these, you can have a healthier and faster recovery process.

İzmir Dental Implant Doctors

If you have an intention to contact Izmir dental implant doctors, you can make an appointment with our clinic and come to our clinic to consult your problem. [gallery columns="4" size="medium" ids="5350,5349,5348,5347,5346,5345,5344,5343,5342,5341,5340,5339,5338,5337,5336,5335,5334,5333,5332,5331"] Your dentist will assist you in issues like dental treatment options for your condition or if necessary, implant treatment. If it is deemed necessary for you to have a dental implant surgery in Izmir, Local Implant İzmir your dentist will explain in detail what the necessary treatment steps are. Likewise, you have the opportunity to get information about any situation you are curious about by directly consulting your dentist.

Izmir dental implant prices

One of the issues you can consult with your doctor is the issue of Izmir dental implant prices. Dental Implant Turkey You can choose the brand that suits you best for the process. Veneers in Turkey Afterwards, your treatment is planned by your dentist accordingly.