Dental Implant Prices Turkey

Dental Implant Prices Turkey

For dental implant prices as you can check the local brands in Turkey and also brands from other countries. Full smile makeover (smile design) with top dentists at affordable prices in Istanbul an Izmir Turkey There are many local dental implant brands in our country. Veneers in Turkey Each of these has different prices.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give clear information about how much the implant prices will cost before an examination.

Izmir implant, Turkey implant
Izmir implant, Turkey implant

Because each individual’s treatment stages are different from each other and progress in their own specific way. Therefore, there may be differences in the process.

Naturally, the difference in the procedure will also be reflected in the prices. Dental Implant Prices Turkey For this reason, instead of looking for price information, you should ask your dentist directly.

Your dentist will plan the procedure with you after the examination and tell you what the price of the treatment will be.

Dental Implant Prices List

Dental implants are prostheses placed in the jawbone to restore the function and aesthetics of people who have lost their teeth for any reason.

The lower parts of the implants are generally in the form of a screw.

Before the procedure, there is a process that requires choosing between different implant brands.

Dental Implants in Turkey
Dental Implants in Turkey

One of the points to be decided in this process is the examination of the list of implant tooth prices. Dental Implants Cost Turkey It is important to ask your dentist to do this examination in order to find the most accurate one.

You should not make a decision on such a subject alone, Dental Implant Turkey and you should trust your dentist to make the most appropriate choice for your own dental structure and at the same time for your budget.

Dental Implants Prices in Turkey

After you make researches about dental implants prices in Turkey, necessary decisions and the planning of the treatment with your dentist, the treatment process starts.

Titanium prostheses can be used to fix missing teeth. During the procedure;

  • First, the screw part is placed in your jawbone.
  • Then the implant is attached to this screw.

Although it varies from person to person, your implants settle into your jaw bone within an average of 3 months.

As a result, your implants help you with the necessary dental functions, just like your natural teeth.

Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of the aesthetic problem even in single tooth losses. This problem is the gap between the other teeth in time due to the decrease in the teeth.

The teeth can move away from each other and spread towards the existing space. Dental Implant Treatment İzmir For this reason, you should make a quick decision in order not to lose the supporting tissues that will support your dental implants over time.

1 Implant Price

The issue of implant prices is commonly wondered when a single application is made as well.

The price of 1 implant is can be different according to many different criteria. Therefore, general statement cannot be made before an examination.

There are more than one brand and the price of each is unique.




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