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What Should Be Done After Implant Screw Is Inserted?

What Should Be Done After Implant Screw Is Inserted?

One of the curious situations after dental implant treatment may be the question of what to do after the implant screw is inserted.

  • During this period, you should not eat anything for 2 hours and wait for the anaesthesia to pass completely.
  • In the first week, you should avoid very hot foods and consume soft foods such as soup and puree that do not require much chewing. You should make sure that these foods are not too hot.
  • A tampon should be applied to the area for about 30 minutes after the operation to stop the bleeding, and you should definitely remove it when the time is over. In case of overdue, new bleeding may occur after removing the tampon.
  • You should not rinse your mouth with water or spit with pressure. This may cause bleeding to start.
  • Slight bleeding during the first day after the procedure is considered natural. Dental Implant Turkey However, if you think you have an abnormal amount, you should definitely contact your doctor.
  • You should stay away from harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol until you recover. Such habits can cause delayed recovery and other problems.

How Many Days Does It Take To Have Implants?

In the period before the dental implant procedure, you may be wondering how many days it takes to have implants.

The duration of treatment varies in direct proportion to the number of teeth to be applied to dental implants.

A single dental implant procedure, the procedure can be handled in a single session for a period of 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Implants settle in the jawbone within 3-4 months. USA Implant Turkey. However, this process varies according to the healing speed of the person.

Afterwards, the prostheses are attached in one session. It is possible to have 12 to 15 implants on the same day.

How to Tell If the Implant Is Not Settled?

When we look at how to understand that the implant does not work, you should go to the clinic and have your dentist check your implant.

In this case, your dentist will check the condition of the implant by X-ray. Veneers in Turkey If the treatment is unsuccessful, your implant may be replaced.

Even if your jawbone heals, implant treatment is repeatable. In order to avoid this situation, you should pay attention to the situations recommended by your dentist in the post-procedure period.

Is Coffee Drinking After Implant Treatment?

The question of whether to drink coffee after implant treatment is often wondered by people. What Should Be Done After Implant Screw Is Inserted? It is not right to consume hot drinks after the procedure. For this reason, you can choose cold coffee types.

However, Turkey Implant Clinics patients should not eat or drink anything for the first 2 hours after the procedure. You can consume cold drinks after this period.

Cold drinks will be better for both pain and bleeding.

How many days does it take for an implant wound to heal?

During the procedure, implants are placed in the jawbone. Thus, over time, the implant is fused into the jawbone.

So, in how many days does the implant wound, also known as stitches, heal?

In the first 15 – 21 days after the operation, the process may be longer or shorter depending on the wound healing speed and wound care.




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