Dental Implants Turkey

Swiss Implant Turkey

You can get Switzerland implant Turkey treatments from our clinic, the most commonly opted among others.

With this treatment, you have dental problems you can treat;

  • Teeth lost due to tooth decay, trauma, or gum problems can be replaced with implants. The number of teeth is not necessary here. It can be applied to a single tooth and the whole mouth.
  • Patients who do not want to receive crown or bridge treatment or conditions of patients who cannot be treated with these treatments can be treated with implants.
  • Implant treatments are also performed to obtain an aesthetic smile for problems related to smiling. Best Implant Doctors Turkey Anatomical deformities and tooth distortions can be treated this way. This way, patients can regain self-confidence and feel stronger in social relationships.
  • Implant treatment successfully replaces single or several teeth to prevent the gap occurrence of the teeth in time after tooth loss.
  • Implant treatment can be performed to prevent the loss of dental functions of patients who have problems in eating.
  • It can also be performed for people with problems using complete prostheses or prefer Swiss implants in Turkey instead of prostheses.

Swiss Implant

The Swiss implant includes brands used in our country and has been successfully performed by many dentists.

You have the right to choose among these brands. However, you should not feel alone in this process.

Your dentist is the only person who can assist you with selecting a Swiss implant or any other country implant.

Swiss Implant Brands

Many different types of implants from other places and brands are used in our country. Dental Implant Turkey After examining each of them, dentists start working with their favourite brands. Swiss Implant Turkey While making recommendations to their patients, they consider the prior patients and the product’s structure.

One of the considerations here is the patients’ budget for this procedure.

Swiss implant brands:

  • Nobel biocare implant
  • ITI Straumann implant
  • Zimmer implants are the most widely used in our country.

What is the Best Implant Brand?

We have mentioned some brands widely used in implant applications and our country. So what is the best implant brand?

Rather than determining the best implant brand by yourself, Implant Prices Turkey, you should make an appointment with your dentist and have your oral examination to select the most suitable and compatible with your budget. Veneers in Turkey: If you inform your dentist about your other criteria during the examination, your dentist will help you find the most suitable implant brand.

How much lira does an implant cost?

When we look at how much the implant costs, you should know that the critical point is the budget you have planned rather than the brands’ pricing.

It would be best if you informed your dentist about your budget. When the brand selection is made accordingly, you can reach the result of your application in an affordable way.

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