Plastic Surgery Trends That Will Be Outstanding in 2023

Plastic surgery trends have been coming and going very differently in recent years. On the one hand, medical aesthetic procedures aim to correct the skin’s texture. On the other hand, there are many procedures such as hair transplants, breast augmentation operations with hips, Rhinoplasty aimed at aesthetic noses, prominent cheekbones and prominent lip augmentation. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities of plastic surgery are getting richer. So, what awaits you in aesthetic and plastic surgery in 2023? What are the plastic surgery trends that will be outstanding in 2023? Keep reading!

While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many different areas of our lives, it has changed people’s beauty and aesthetic needs very little. It seems that 2023 will be a year when many new procedures will be added to the current trends. Techniques such as hair transplant, lip augmentation, liposuction and breast augmentation may also be popular in 2023. Filling and Botox procedures are also in trend, as always. Here are the plastic surgery trends that will be outstanding in 2023!

Eye Aesthetics

The aesthetics you think about your eyes on your face will continue to be a trend in 2023. Many people like you will continue to prefer eye aesthetics that provide natural-looking, permanent results. Optimizing your eyes helps you look younger and more aesthetically pleasing.

Postpartum Aesthetic Operations

All postpartum plastic surgery procedures are among the trends that will be popular in 2023, as in every period. The demand for this surgery, which allows your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state, whose formation deteriorated during pregnancy and birth, has also exploded, especially with the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic period.


As usual, rhinoplasty or nose shaping will be popular with women in 2023. While traditional Rhinoplasty continues to be popular, non-surgical Rhinoplasty may also be on the rise.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant has been popularly preferred for many years and will be among the most trendy plastic surgery procedures in 2023. The most preferred technique will definitely be the FUE hair transplant technique.

Lip Aesthetics

Lip aesthetics will also be among the aesthetics that will continue to be at the forefront. Lip aesthetics with hyaluronic acid filling will continue to beautify your face. Lip augmentation is one of the most complex areas of the face.


Due to the weight problem, many people complain about this situation. However, even if you complain and feel psychologically uncomfortable, the solution to this situation is relatively easy. You can lose weight locally with the liposuction procedure, which is constantly developing and getting good results around the world. In addition, this procedure prevents lubrication in your body and removes your existing fat from the body.

Lip Botox

Lip Botox, which is among the plastic surgery trends of 2023, is the most straightforward procedure to perform. Lip botox, which is the most trendy procedure of recent times, helps your lips be more prominent.

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