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Park Bom is indeed one of the most successful musicians in the world. This success of Park’s career is also related to her breathtaking beauty, which will make her a significant symbol of admiration over the years. But when viewed from a different angle, Park shows that many of her fans have resorted to plastic surgery in their eyes. While this portion of her fans is aware that life can significantly influence changes in the famous artist’s physical appearance, they strongly suspect that plastic surgery is the factor behind Park Bom’s ever-changing image. Did Park Bom really get plastic surgery or never? Keep reading!

Who is Park Bom?

Hip hop artist Park Bom is a South Korean singer known worldwide mainly as Park. After retiring from YG Entertainment, Sandara Park is a member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1 and Minzy and CL. Park Bom was born in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. She grew up with her older sister Park Go Eun, a cello artist. After that, she moved from Korea to the United States in the sixth grade and began her further education. She holds South Korean citizenship, and she belongs to the Asian ethnicity.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Journey

Park Bom has never openly answered the constant rumours about her having plastic surgery. Because of this, fans continue to gossip about possible plastic surgery procedures that the famous star may have had. All of these rumours are based on before and after photos of Park Bom. Fans believe that Bom has had a facelift, chin augmentation, Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, and facial contouring. Here is Park Bom’s plastic surgery journey;


Almost everyone who has known Park Bom since entering the music scene says that Park Bom’s nose has changed. All her images from the past show that the nose of the famous star used to be much more aesthetic.


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, was the most discussed plastic surgery procedure for Bom. The eyelid is the first sight to catch your eye when looking at Bom. We all know that Bom is a South Korean star. Naturally, almost all Korean people have small eyelids. The situation is the same when looking at the previous photos of Park Bom. However, we have seen Bom get a new look with widening eyelids over the years.

Lip filler

Everyone agrees that Park Bom got lip fillers. Her appearance in the past shows that the famous star has much thinner lips. However, Park’s lips are now much more prominent, fuller, and aesthetically pleasing in her recent images.

Breast Augmentation

As you can see from the comparison between Bom’s previous appearance and her latest appearance, her breasts look significantly enlarged and erect. Many fans confirm that the famous star has had breast augmentation. However, some surgeons argue that in recent years, the breasts of the renowned star have appeared much more rounded than they were at the beginning to eliminate the disagreements.

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