Norwood Scale Hair

The Hamilton-Norwood scale hair is a scale used to determine the level of male pattern baldness. According to this scale, baldness is expressed in degrees between I and VII. The Hamilton-Norwood scale was created to bring male pattern baldness to a standard for medical documentation. Today, with this scale, the level of baldness is determined in advance in baldness treatments, and the necessary treatment is made easier for the patient.

Stages of Baldness With Norwood Scale

In the Norwood Scale table, the balding levels of men with androgenetic alopecia are divided into types. The classification has been prepared according to the common aspects of the changes in men’s hair structure and the points where androgenetic shedding occurs.

Spills on the Norwood Scale enabled the classification to be made with a picture of the shedding caused by androgenetic alopecia in the forehead and top region in men starting from Type 1 to Type 7.

Types of Norwood Scale

Type 1. Minimal hair loss.

Type 2. Insignificant hair loss in the temples.

Type 3. The first stage requires treatment.

Type 3 Peak. Stretching of the tunnel in the hairline and crown hair.

Type 4. The larger pattern on the crown and hairline.

Type 5. The patterns in both regions are more extensive, but a thin dividing line is still present.

The Type 6 Bridge is gone, but a few short, thin strands of hair may remain.

Type 7. The most severe form of hair loss. Small hair remains on or on the head.

Thanks to Norwood scale hair, learning the level of your baldness helps you in your procedure.

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