Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Screw Turkey

Dental Screw Turkey

Dental screw treatment is a technique performed in Turkey with a success rate of over 98%. Thanks to this treatment technique, many dental problems are solved.

For example, dental screws are applied to correct the fractures in the front teeth as a result of the trauma to the tooth. Veneers in Turkey Another application area is the complete rearrangement and shaping of all teeth in order to provide smile aesthetics, and as a result, a wonderful smile is obtained.  Your dentist will surely help with any kind of dental problem that can be solved with dental screws.

The important point here is your budget and expectations. An implant brand that is suitable for both your budget and your expectations is definitely recommended by your dentist.

How Is Dental Screw Performed?

Dental screw treatment, also known as implant treatment, is performed on all adult individuals in accordance with their demands.

However, contrary to what is known, applications are not only recommended for aesthetic purposes, Dental Screw Turkey, but also for patients who expect high-quality function with the best prosthesis procedure.

So, how is a dental screw performed?

  • First of all, your dentist should have a detailed oral examination and listen to your existing chronic diseases.
  • After that, if both your mouth structure and metabolism are found suitable, your screw (implant) procedure is started.
  • In the meantime, your dentist will get your opinion on how you want the shape of the implant to be used in the application and which brands you can choose.
  • Afterwards, a brand is decided in line with your opinion, and the shape of your implant can be checked by using computer technology. You also get the chance to intervene in your requests through visuals.
  • After your orders are received, your screwed teeth are installed in a single session.
  • A local anaesthesia technique is used during the procedure, and you do not feel any pain or pain.

Having Implants for All Teeth

If you have the idea of having implants for all your teeth, there are two possibilities. Dental Implants in Turkey Either there is an anatomically distorted structure in your teeth, or you may have experienced serious trauma in your jaw area.

In both cases, you can have all your teeth implanted in an extremely safe way. However, you should make a decision as quickly as possible and contact your dentist immediately.

This is because, over time, the tissues that support teeth and are also needed to support implants dissolve.

The flattened upper and lower parts become unable to hold the implant. Dental Implant Turkey In this case, the only solution is a surgical procedure.

Dental Screw Prices

You may be wondering what are the dental screw prices in the pre-application period. In this case, you should talk to your dentist as the most accurate source of information.

You can get the most accurate information from him after your examination. Apart from this, it is not possible to get information from the internet or from any individual around you, even if they have done this.

The structure of each individual and the procedure applied are different from each other. Dental Porcelain Veneer İzmir Even dentists cannot give precise information before the examination. Your dental structure needs to be examined beforehand.

Dental Implant Prices 2021

Dental implant prices were updated in 2021 as every year. Dentists constantly follow this information.

For this reason, you should make an appointment for the examination and then ask your dentist what you wonder about the price.

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