Dental Implants Turkey

Procedure Overview
  • Surgery Duration

    Depends on the number of implants

  • Hospital Stay

    Not required

  • Possible Side Effects

    Pain, bleeding, bruising, infection, oedema, swelling

  • Recovery Time

    In 2-3 weeks for side effects (total recovery lasts 2-3 months)

  • Anesthesia

    Local Anesthesia

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Dental implants are screw-shaped devices fused into the jawbone in order to replace a missing tooth root. They function the same as the natural teeth roots; a dental implant supports the dentures, crowns, bridges, prostheses and different types of orthodontic appliances as an anchor.

Missing teeth condition may occur for many reasons, such as decay, physical trauma, ageing or disease affecting dental health. Dental implants are artificial roots used in dental treatments to create strong support for over-the-top pieces.


The consultation process for dental implant treatments is quite significant for the accuracy and stability of the results. The empty spots should be examined closely; an x-ray of your teeth will be needed. Any prior disease related to or without your dental health should be explained in detail.

Dental implant treatments usually require two separate sessions and sometime in between those sessions, especially if they are planned with a high number of dental implants. 

  1. The first session is for inserting the dental implants into the jawbone; after this, patients should wait for around 3 months in order for dental implants to completely settle in and fuse with the bone. During this time, temporary cover teeth may be placed over the implants to conceal them until the second session.
  2. In the second session of dental implant treatment, abutments and suitable over-the-top devices are placed appropriately according to the rest of the dental implant treatment plan over the fused and settled dental implants.

In some cases, dental implant treatments can be performed in one session, although it is not advisable. Please consult to your dentist to learn about the most suitable option for your case.

Recovery After Dental Implants

  • The aftercare process of your dental implant treatment is important and should be approached very delicately as instructed by your dentist.
  • Biting and chewing hard foods should be refrained until the recommended time by your dentist after dental implant treatment.
  • Pain, bleeding and swelling can be experienced. You will be prescribed the proper medication in order to minimize the side effects of dental implant treatment and prevent any infection.

Dental Implants Results

Dental implants are very durable and strong; they are fused into the jawbone, and once they have settled there, they do not slip or shift. They become just like your own natural tooth root and last many years when they are taken care of properly.

Dental implants look as natural as your own teeth; dental implants are mostly covered with dental crowns, which are very effective in achieving the most aesthetic and natural appearance of your teeth. Your dentist will advise you on the best materials and brands for the most natural and desired results and a charismatic smile.

Missing teeth may affect speech as well; while many other temporary options to replace missing teeth can also affect speech reversely, dental implants do not cause such problems. Since your implant will be just like your own teeth, after the treatment, you can speak naturally.

Dental implants support the jawbone; after losing a tooth, bone loss can occur in the long term since the missing spot is not stimulated by a tooth root. Dental implants can support the jawbone and prevent bone loss.

Missing teeth can cause distortion of the healthy teeth in the long term; when it is not replaced, other teeth may slide to the empty spot and become detached. Dental implants prevent this problem and help all the teeth to remain in their regular place.


In Mono Dentistry, international patients can get online dental consultations for a more convenient and comfortable start to their dental implant treatment journey; our dedicated and experienced medical consultants and highly qualified dentists will help you with all the details of your dental implants treatment and answer all your questions.

Mono Dentistry uses HIOSSEN by OSSTEM implants and ROOTT dental implants for the most quality Turkey teeth implants.


HIOSSEN by OSSTEM dental implants are made in the USA and made from biocompatible titanium. These products are approved by Food and Drug Administration and won the World Class Products of Korea. HIOSSEN by OSSTEM is one of the most demanded implant brands with its durable structure and very high success rate. The state-of-the-art dental implant technology of the brand provides dentists and patients with safe dental implant procedures as well as successful and long-term results.


ROOTT dental implants are Swiss products; there is no organic contamination or inorganic remains in them. The aim of the ROOTT dental implant is to create the ideal artificial tooth which integrates the biological structure. The brand is recognized as one of the best-quality dental implants in the world. ROOTT implants provide patients with excellent stability, perfect bonding and the most natural dental implant results.


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Dental implants can provide very effective and functional results for a wide range of people, but then again, in order to find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment, the most convenient way is to get a consultation from a qualified and experienced dentist. At Mono, we are proud to have the best dentist in Turkey who perform the most successful and aesthetic dental implant procedures.

Dental consultations before implant treatments are beneficial for the identification of the problems with the teeth, diagnosis of any other dental issues that should be treated before the implant treatment, examination of the general dental structure and the suitability for the implants and discussing the expected outcomes from the treatment. During these consultations, your dentist will advise you the best dental implant brand and design a unique treatment plan for your individual case.


There are many factors affecting the dental implant cost. The cost of dental implants in Turkey may vary depending on the dental implant brand, the number of required dental implants for the treatment, the quality of the material used for the dental implant, the quality of package services of dental implant Turkey, the extent of the dental implants Turkey packages. 

Dental Implants Turkey Cost 

While in many countries, dental implant cost is known to be expensive, dental implant cost Turkey is famous for being the most affordable dental implant cost. Turkey receives a high number of patients for the most advantageous price rates for dental implant costs and the high level of dental expertise that achieves the best results of the treatment. Mono Dentistry provides dental implant patients with the most advantageous dental implant cost in Turkey. In Mono Dentistry, dental prices in Turkey are set at the cheapest rate by including every service an international patient may need in the all-inclusive Turkey dental implant prices. Our medical consultants will inform you about full-mouth dental implants in Turkey package deals and the cost of dental implants in Turkey details in your online consultation process.



Dental implants can contribute a lot to general dental health and hygiene; after the treatment, patients more easily preserve their dental hygiene and feel more motivated to take off their dental health. Dental implants are very easy to take care of and do not require any special process to be kept clean and healthy other than what you do with your natural teeth.

After teeth implants in Turkey, patients feel much more confident while smiling, eating or speaking; achieving healthy and aesthetic teeth affects the self-confidence of a person at a huge rate. After the Turkey teeth implant, patients say that they feel much better in their social and professional lives. We are very proud to have our patients’ positive dental implants turkey reviews after they achieve successful results of their dental implant treatments.


Dental implant treatments are suitable for those who would like to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, the quality of chewing and biting and dental hygiene.

Mono Dentistry provides the best quality dental implants Turkey treatments; your Mono teeth implants Turkey journey starts with an online consultation; our experienced medical consultants will get you an individualized dental implants Turkey treatment plan from our experienced dentists after receiving your teeth photos, medical information and expectations. In order to get a free dental implant Turkey online consultation, find out more about full mouth dental implants turkey package deals and book for your dental implant treatments with the most advantageous dental implant cost, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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Dental Implants Turkey

Dental implants Turkey can treat many oral health problems experienced by many individuals.

Thanks to this treatment, people can perform activities such as eating, consuming cold and hot drinks, eating ice cream, consuming relatively hard-shelled food (provided that they do not break the shell with teeth) more comfortably. Dental Implant Turkey Therefore, it is a seriously valuable procedure. At the same time, it is a treatment technique that can be preferred in order to improve self-esteem related to people’s smile.

Thanks to dental implants, the wonderful smile can be achieved by the treatment of the crooked and missing teeth.

What is the Best Implant Brand?

There are many implant brands that can be chosen during the implant treatment process. These can be brought from different countries as well as there are local brands.

So what is the best implant brand?

Actually, there is no such thing as the best implant brand. What is the best implant for you, is a more accurate question.

Therefore, your dentist will inform you after your special dental examination. You can get help from your dentist about which brands you can choose by telling about your budget.

How Many Implants Can Be Performed for The Upper Jaw?

Dental implant Turkey treatments can be made in different ways depending on your specific situation and needs. One of them is the applications performed for only to the upper jaw.

Generally, this treatment is requested for the entire upper jaw in order to provide smile aesthetics. In such a case, your dentist will first examine the health of your teeth.

How many implants can be performed for the upper jaw question can be replied in various ways depending on the person. Veneers in Turkey Not all teeth are visible in the mouth of every individual while smiling.

Your dentist will answer this question according to the problem you are experiencing and your anatomical dental structure.

How many implants can be made at most?

When we look at the maximum number of implant teeth, it is known that it can be performed for all teeth.

When all the teeth in your mouth are lost due to a disease, trauma, or you want your teeth to be restored with smile design, your implant treatment can be performed for any tooth you wish.

In this case, you can get help from your dentist about what kind of a dental implant treatment is necessary, how to make it more comfortable or which one is the most affordable version.

Dental Implants Prices Turkey

If you decide to have dental implants Turkey treatments, you may wonder about dental implants prices Turkey.

There are many different factors affecting the price in dental implant procedures.

There are different brands and different manufacturers of implants. As with every product that takes place market, each brand determines its own price for dental implants.

Of course, the quality of each brand and the comfort it will offer you are different from each other. This situation also affects the price.

Whatever your budget is, your dentist will assist you in finding the most comfortable dental implants possible.




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