Zirconium Dental İzmir

Zirconium Dental İzmir teeth are among the procedures we perform in our clinic in Izmir. This procedure is usually performed to provide an aesthetic smile.

However, some situations that are experienced by a single tooth or in more than one tooth in terms of both appearance and function are also important.

Before the zirconium procedure, the measurements of your teeth are taken first and a laboratory will be informed accordingly.

In the laboratory, your teeth are adjusted as you want and delivered to the clinic within 2 weeks. First, a rehearsal is made regarding whether the shapes of the zirconium crowns are compatible with your teeth.

At the end of this rehearsal process, if your Zirconium Dental İzmir crowns are compatible with your teeth, then your procedure is performed.

If it is not deemed appropriate, zirconium crowns are sent to the laboratory again and they are expected to be delivered to the clinic again.

How Is Zirconium Crown Performed?

Zirconium crowns are made both for dental aesthetics and for the treatment and elimination of some health problems that the person has.

For these purposes, a question such as how to perform zirconium crowns will come to mind.

Zirconium crowns are made in a laboratory environment upon ordering in accordance with the measurements taken individually.

Thanks to a technique known as CAD / CAM technology, Zirconium Dental Cost Turkey porcelains or zirconiums are prepared in appropriate sizes and then delivered to the clinic.

The zirconium crowns that arrive in one session are rehearsed and are glued immediately when found appropriate.

If they are not suitable, they are sent back to the laboratory and corrected.

Can Those with Gingival Disease Have Zirconium?

If you have gum diseases and you are doing research on zirconium dental Izmir for your smile design, a question may come to your mind as if those with gum disease can have zirconium.

In such a case, you should first have your gum treatment. After recovery, USA Implant Izmir  you can have your zirconium treatment immediately.

Does Zirconium Teeth Turn Yellow?

There are many questions about zirconium teeth, such as whether they are long-lasting or whether zirconium teeth turn yellow.

Due to its zirconium structure, it is not easily affected by acidic or corrosive substances such as tea, coffee, cigarettes. Dental Implant Turkey Therefore, there will be no discoloring problem. However, you should definitely not disrupt the maintenance of your zirconium crowns in order to be long-lasting and behave as when it was first placed without losing any of its quality.

Another benefit of zirconium crowns is that they can be used easily in people with allergies without causing problems.

Which One Is Better: Zirconium or Implant?

One of the things you want to know about your cosmetic dentistry treatment may be the comparison of zirconium and implant.

Zirconium and implant treatments can give different results in patients with different needs and problems; Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced dentists to find the best dental treatment or combination of treatments for you.


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