Zirconium Dental Cost Turkey

Zirconium Dental Cost Turkey

Zirconium teeth are much more successful than other crowns procedures and it is a material that leads to very durable results. Because this material is very strong, non-fragile and natural due to its translucent structure, it has properties that look like bright and natural teeth. If you are planning to have this procedure, the question about zirconium dental cost Turkey will come to mind. Your dentist will inform you in the cost assessment process. Zirconium Dental Cost Turkey You can also ask for any other situation you are curious about the procedure and get information. Apart from this, if you want to know other alternative treatments besides zirconium treatment, you should inform your dentist after your oral examination. Your dentist will tell you which procedures are right to consider specifically for you, and at the end of your treatment, you can have new teeth that are the best both aesthetically and functionally.

Zirconium Teeth Production

Dentists work in cooperation with the laboratory on zirconium tooth production. With the molds and measurements taken from the patients, information is given according to which tooth or types of teeth should be performed. Accordingly, zirconium teeth will be delivered to the clinic within 2 weeks, Zirconium Dental İzmir but the error margin is always calculated and direct procedure is not made on the patient. The sizes of zirconium crowns are rehearsed on the patient. If a negative result is obtained, this situation is reported to the laboratory and zirconiums are sent back to the laboratory for re-arrangement. Then, the zirconiums that are delivered to the clinic again are rehearsed once more. In this way, USA Implant Izmir  it is necessary achieve the full fitting. When the harmony is achieved, your crowns are immediately adhered to your teeth with special adhesives used in the dental field.

Zirconium Tooth Color

Zirconium tooth color is natural because it is translucent. So it doesn‘t look matte and dull. No one can distinguish your zirconium crowns from your real tooth. It is also frequently preferred in terms of this natural appearance.

Do Zirconium Teeth Turn Yellow?

When we look at whether zirconium teeth turn yellow, it should be known that such a problem will not occur. At the same time, it does not reveal the problem of darkening the gum color, as in some procedures. Since it does not turn yellow, food and drinks that cause discoloring in the teeth can be easily consumed. In this respect, it makes the users more free. It is also a substance that does not cause any allergic reaction in the gums or in the body.

In Which Cases Is Zirconium Crowns Used?

In which cases zirconium crowns is performed;
  • To treat broken, cracked teeth
  • If there are problematic fillings that can no longer fulfill their functions.
  • To close these gaps in teeth that are distant from each other
  • To have a good appearance in teeth with yellowing color
  • If the person has a pre-made metal-supported bridge procedure
  • In individuals for whom orthodontic treatment cannot or is not desired to treat crooked, crooked teeth.
  • When there is not enough tooth amount left to fill, you can get zirconium crowns treatment.