Zirconium Crown İzmir

Zirconium crown Izmir procedure is preferred by individuals with its heat-resistant and translucent structure.

In addition, it can be used without any problems in individuals prone to allergies due to its structure.

Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey
Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

As with many other crown types, a matte appearance does not occur after procedure. Thanks to its translucent structure, it helps to obtain a very natural and elegant color.

Since there is no metal component in its structure, there are no conditions such as bad breath, taste changes, rusting, color change, acidic or affected by foods such as tea or coffee.

Zirconium Crown İzmir However, attention should be paid to hygiene and oral care should not be neglected.

What is Zirconium Crown and Who Can Have It?

If you are wondering who can have zirconium crown, let’s talk about who the procedure is suitable for:

Zirconium crown Izmir treatment can be applied to every individual who is over the age of 18-20.

How Long Does the Zirconium Crown Last?

Zirconium crowns are preferred by patients for both aesthetic and functional purposes due to the many advantages they provide. So, how long does the zirconium crown last?

If the care is done well and is not interrupted, if the person does not face with the problem of gum recession or if there is no damage situation, cosmetic dentistry Turkey they can be used for many years.

How Much Is a Single Tooth Crown Price?

Zirconium crown process is not always performed for all teeth.

Sometimes it can be preferred to repair a single broken tooth in the anterior parts or to eliminate the yellowing that occurred in the front parts.

In this case, people may wonder how much is the price of a single tooth crown. Dental Implant Turkey The price of a single crown is an issue that may differ depending on which tooth to be applied and which material you prefer.


For this reason, a general price cannot be given, but your dentist will inform you after getting information about all the details after the examination.

How Much Are Zirconium Teeth Prices?

If you want to get treatment for zirconium crown Izmir procedure, you may be wondering how much zirconium tooth prices are before the procedure.

The prices of the procedure will be determined by your expectations, wishes, budget, the crown material you choose, etc. It will differ according to the situations.

At the same time, the number of teeth you want to apply is among the important factors affecting the price here. Veneers in Turkey For this reason, you should first attend a dentist examination and determine what you expect from the zirconium treatment, what kind of material you want to use, the shape of the crown, etc. You need to let your dentist know how you want it.

At the end of this, your dentist will inform you about a price as a result.

In addition, if you want to have the procedure done according to your budget, you can specify your budget to your dentist. After that, your dentist will make the best quality zirconium crown treatment you can have.

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