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Teeth Whitening

Your smile is your signature; the key to a beautiful smile is aesthetic and healthy teeth.. Teeth whitening is the process of removing the external discoloring of the teeth by using chemical whitening agents that do not harm the teeth.

Coffee, tea, smoking, certain medications or inadequate dental care may cause teeth to get stained and discolored. People often hold back from smiling as they wish, when they think their teeth look unpleasant.  Gladly, teeth whitening is a very easy and quick procedure which can help you to have a charismatic smile and regain your confidence.

Teeth whitening is the change of the pigments in the organic structure of the tooth made by the medicine entering its prismatic structure. The tooth color depends on the thickness of the enamel layer and the color of the tissue below the enamel; therefore, the results may vary from person to person.

There are multiple techniques for teeth whitening treatment; in Mono Dentistry, we use laser technique for our patients who would like to whiten their yellow or stained teeth and get a charming smile. Laser technique gives much more efficient and quicker results than other techniques.

 The procedure lasts around an hour. After the treatment, patients should refrain from consuming acidic beverages, tea, coffee and any other drink which may color the teeth. Smoking should be refrained for at least 24 hours. It is normal to feel sensitivity in your teeth and gums at the first day, however, it is only a temporary discomfort.

The results are noticeable right after the procedure. In order to preserve the results, patients should adopt a lifestyle in which they avoid consuming foods and drinks which may harm their teeth along with smoking as much as possible.

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The practicality and quick treatment process make the teeth whitening Turkey procedures highly demanded by people. In Clinic Mono, teeth whitening treatments are done by our talented and experienced dentists in the most hygienic and comfortable clinical setting with the latest technological devices and techniques. In order to get further information about teeth whitening prices and book your treatment, please fill the consultation form; our dedicated medical consultants will contact you immediately.

The procedure gives your butt a more sculpted look and you achieve a slimmer waist and hourglass shape at the end. Also it contours the areas around the butt and creates more dramatic changes. Most who underwent the surgery enjoy a voluptuous and perky profile in the end.

The cost the procedure is entirely dependent on available cc of fat that is injectable to give more volume to your buttocks. Therefore, initial assessment through online consultation enables us to offer you a final quote, and we suggest you to share your desires for the end result clearly while surgeon is reviewing your case.

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